Alejandra Ramos's Coquito is the Perfect Gift for Your Family and Friends

"If you make coquito once, people are going to expect you to make it every year!" she says.

December 23, 2020

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While the holidays may look a little different this year, family traditions are one of the many things that can still help make this time of year feel extra special. For some, it may be baking and decorating cookies. Others like to re-watch classic Christmas movies while sipping on hot cocoa. Even driving around the neighborhood to look at the festive lights on houses has become more popular than ever this year.

No matter how you’re spending the holidays, family and food are always going to be a huge part of it and what better way to celebrate than with a tradition that combines both? Alejandra Ramos’s Coquito class on the Food Network Kitchen app brings together a super, sweet recipe that has been in her family for years and shared with everyone.

Not only is this classic, creamy boozy cocktail super easy to make but also a present you can give to your loved ones. "One of the best things about coquito is that it’s the perfect gift," Ramos says. Growing up, she can remember there was always one person in the family or neighborhood that would be the designated coquito maker and that person would make a whole batch of it and give it out as gifts to your family and friends. "My dad would always bring bottles of it to all his co-workers so my mom would make lots of them," she says. "And once I got older, my dad would commission me to make bottles and bottles of coquito to give out as gifts too.” Over the years Ramos has perfected this family tradition by pouring the dessert beverage into decorated glass bottles, throwing in cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean for extra flavor and tying a little label around the neck of each bottle for a cuter giftable presentation.

Before serving, Ramos recommends chilling the coquito for at least two hours and giving it a nice shake before pouring into a glass. While taking a sip of her own homemade coquito, she does make one warning about this drink. "If you make coquito once, people are going to expect you to make it every year!" And that’s exactly how the most perfect holiday traditions are made.

Want to try some more special holiday recipes? You can find them all on the Food Network Kitchen app!

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