Michael Symon's Baklava Is the Best Edible Gift to Send Your Family

Just ask his mom, who ships it cross-country to him every year.

Photo by: Simple Alien

Simple Alien

By: Drew Anne Salvatore

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If you can't celebrate the holidays with loved ones this year, try spreading some cheer with a batch of homemade baklava. The gooey and delectable Greek treat is chef Michael Symon's mom's specialty — and every Christmas, she makes sure that he has a big batch, no matter where he's spending the holidays.

According to Michael, his mom Angel used to host "baklava parties," where she'd invite her friends over to assemble and bake trays upon trays of the gooey sweet. Then she'd cut them to send out at the holidays.

In his latest episode of Symon's Dinners, Michael and his wife Lizzie recreate his mom's holiday tradition by baking up her tried-and-true recipe that features flaky layers of paper-thin phyllo pastry filled with a melt-in-your-mouth mixture of minced pistachios, walnuts and graham cracker crumbs. Once the whole thing is baked, Michael and Lizzie drench the tray in a delicious honey-citrus syrup, which the pastry absorbs as it sits — making this the perfect treat to tin and ship anywhere.

So this year, start a new family tradition with your own batch of baklava. And for more tips and tricks on how to send sweets to your loved ones, check out our tips for packing and shipping cookies.

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