Thanksgiving Chicken Should Be Your New Main Course

Evoke the classic holiday flavor (and scent!) without tackling an entire turkey.

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Thanksgiving Chicken Over Roasted Vegetables

Let’s talk turkey — Thanksgiving turkey, that is. Though it’s considered the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving meal, cooking an entire turkey is often more trouble than it’s really worth, especially if you’re only feeding a few people. That’s why we’re presenting our new star of the show this year: Thanksgiving Chicken Over Roasted Vegetables.

We know what you’re thinking — chicken on Thanksgiving?! But hear us out! Nestled on a bed of Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, onion and cubed bread, this recipe acts as a main course and side dish all in one. And did we mention that it’s a one-pan wonder? You’ll love cutting down on both oven space and pans to wash — after all, no one is ever thankful for more dishes to clean!

Making the chicken is super easy, too. First, rub the whole thing with a mixture of sage, rosemary and thyme, which will taste and smell just like the seasonings on a traditional turkey. Next, toss the veggies with the rest of the herbs and a bit of melted butter, then scatter them along the bottom of a roasting pan. Finally, layer a roasting rack on top of the veggies, place the chicken and brush with melted butter, then roast! In just over two hours, you’ll have a beautiful dish for four that fills your kitchen with the cozy aroma of the holidays — and there’s no need to baste, stuff or spend hours checking on it.

Ready to gobble up? Check out our recipe for Thanksgiving Chicken Over Roasted Vegetables and prepare to feast on a tender, juicy bird that’s just as flavorful as a traditional turkey, but with only a fraction of the time and effort. Whether you’re cooking for a small gathering or just don’t really love turkey, you’ll be super thankful to have this dish as your Thanksgiving main course.

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