My Mom Ate So Many Yogurts for This Bridal Shower Hack

Because the cutest party favors are a must!

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February 08, 2023

Photo by: Courtney Lam

Courtney Lam

Planning a bridal shower and don’t know where to begin? The cost of an event like this has a tendency to add up but there are definitely ways you can save with little crafty DIY moments.

For instance, once we had the venue and food situation squared away for my bridal shower, my mom went into planning mode. What could we give our guests to take home with them once the party was over? Little mementos or party favors can be costly, especially when you need several of them. That’s when my mom got creative!

For a while now my mom’s favorite yogurt has been Oui by Yoplait. She enjoys their classic French-style vanilla flavor. The gluten-free yogurt is not only a delicious and sweet snack, but their packaging is what caught my mom’s eye. Each yogurt comes in a 5-ounce glass jar with a simple shape and a slight lip at the top. A perfect design that my mom couldn’t just throw away! Instead, she cleaned and upcycled them into miniature vases to house the air plants she got for party favors. Genius!

Photo by: Kristy Lee

Kristy Lee

Luckily, it’s my mom’s favorite yogurt, so she had no problem eating a ton of them for my party. We needed more than 50 jars so my mom got to work snacking away (thankfully, not in one sitting!!). Whenever she finished a yogurt, she would text me a photo of the empty jar with a thumb’s up emoji. Towards the end, I would also get photo updates of her pantry drawers filled with the glass containers.

Transforming a yogurt jar into an air plant terrarium was so simple and inexpensive, too. Air plants are super affordable (especially when bought in packs) and they need little to no maintenance—and they don’t require soil to grow, either. My mom just purchased packs of pebbles to put at the bottom of each jar along with some twine and ‘thank you’ tags to tie around each one. And, just like that, the bridal shower favors were finished.

Each guest was pleasantly surprised when they got to take home their very own succulent at the end of the party and both my mom and I were thrilled to be able to upcycle something that we already would have had on hand.

Oui by Yoplait

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