Season 1, Episode 1

Battle of the Best Friends

Two teams of best friends battle it out with very different restaurants: a bustling Italian joint with a very ambitious menu, and a homey spot filled with very simple offerings. Charlie LoGrasso, a barbershop owner from South Boston, MA., and Mark Conde, a Dorchester, MA. concessions chef, are best friends who bonded over their Italian heritage and love for boxing. The bombshell duo Danushka Lysek, a New York model and private chef, and Angela Bartys, a private chef in Los Angeles, put their culinary degrees together to whip up a small, rustic menu with dishes that evoke childhood memories-but are they playing it too safe? Mark and Charlie plan to pack their menu full of authentic central Sicilian fare with New England charm for a unique Italian restaurant experience. But has this team bitten off more than they can chew? Judges include: Alison Brod, Gabriella Gershenson, and Geoffrey Zakarian.
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