Season 6, Episode 11

All-Stars Tournament: Grand Finale!

The All-Stars championship is on! The four celebrity chefs who won the chance to advance to the finale competition of this $50,000 tournament finally face off for their favorite charities. The first round is bound to be awfully challenging, with offal in the basket. And when two of the chefs decide to make comfort food that speaks to their heritage, will they be able to transform their dishes using the mystery ingredients in a way that works? Then, with trail mix in the entree round, the remaining chefs must make amazing dishes if they want to be on the path to victory. If they don't succeed they will be asked to take a hike. And when two incredibly skilled finalists find themselves back in the dessert round at last, and find a tangy fruit in the basket, the judges hold their collective breath to see which one will become the Chopped All-Stars Grand Champion!
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