Season 1, Episode 9

Hot Stuff

Bring your iron clad stomach to this devilish meal full of peppers and spice. Just in case it's too hot to handle, we're sharing ours with the local fire department! So fast and easy, it's smokin'!

Day Before Party:

  • Mix, strain and freeze Jalapeno ice cubes

  • Make flour coating for Angry Prawns

  • Chop vegetables for final preparation of Angry Prawns with citrus salad the next da

  • Prepare, blend, and sauté Salsa Rosa

Day of Party:

  • Mix Bloody Maria

2 Hours Before Party:

  • Make Hot Chocolate

45 Minutes Before Party:

  • Finish Preparing the Angry Prawn with citrus salad

  • Assemble final Bloody Marias including lined glasses and Jalapeno ice cubes

  • Assemble Salsa Rosa with spaggetini and grilled flank steak

  • Assemble Hot Chocolate dessert

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