Season 1, Episode 16

Milwaukee: Cat Lovers vs. Dog Lovers

Food Fight pits the Cat Lovers Teri Thurner & Jodi Toro against the Dog Lovers Tim & Ali Henkhaus at the Chop House. With 2 hours and only $20 dollars, the teams cook-off over Bratwurst! Whose seared bratwurst will triumph? Tune in to find out!
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Recipes From This Episode

Beer-Boiled, Grilled Bratwurst with Roasted Red Pepper Puree and Parmesan Cheese Bowls with Mixed Greens and Pan-Roasted Herbed Layered Potatoes

Bratwurst Medallions over Sauteed Onions with Parsley Boiled Potatoes and Stuffed Carrot Canoes

Baltimore: Beer Buddies vs. Wine Guys
Raleigh: Beauty Queens vs. Sales Kings


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