Season 5, Episode 9

Mac and Cheese

This isn't your mom's mac n cheese. In this competition, four professional chefs do things you've never seen before with this classic comfort food.


Frank Bonanno
Owner & Chef, Mizuna Restaurant & Luca d’Italia
Denver, Colo.

Duskie Estes
Co-Owner, Bovolo & Zazu Restaurant & Farm
Santa Rosa, Calif.

Melissa Mayer
Executive Chef, The Guild Restaurant and Lounge
San Diego, Calif.

Derek Wagner
Owner & Chef, Nick’s On Broadway
Providence, R.I.

Delilah Winder
President, Delilah’s Southern Cuisine, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pa.


John Besh
Owner - Restaurant August, The Besh Steakhouse, Luke, La Provence
New Orleans, La.

Barbara Lynch
Chef/Owner - No. 9 Park, B & G Oysters & The Butcher Shop
Boston, Mass.

Andrew Smith
Culinary Author
New York, N.Y.

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