Flavortown Market Built from Scratch: Guy's Grocery Games

See how the supermarket set was built from the ground up for Guy's Grocery Games.

Before and After

Click through to see the transformation of this warehouse into a supermarket for Guy's Grocery Games.

From a Blank Slate

By the end of two weeks, this barren 15,500-square-foot warehouse will turn into the fully operational supermarket set. On average a new grocery store takes up to two years to build.

The Walls Await

Many of the plywood walls have been preassembled and are ready to go up to create the perimeter structure of Flavortown Market.

Rising from the Ground Up

Crews begin lining up the trusses on the warehouse floor. These will be raised and attached to the ceiling joists, and they'll eventually hold more than 500 lights.

Taking Shape

In the background, crews are assembling the walls of what will become the market, attaching them to bracing to ensure the structure is sound.

Going Up

With the help of mobile scissor lifts, crews attach brackets to the ceiling joists so that the lighting trusses can be hung.

Flooring It

At this point, woodgrain linoleum has already been laid onto the warehouse floor. In the background a crew affixes wall panels, and the colors of the market start to become more apparent.

Fitting the Set

As the crew continues to work, here you can see some set fittings have been brought into the space, including the judges' table.

Lights and Electricity

By this point much of the lighting has been installed. Refrigeration cases have arrived. In total, 2,400 amps of electricity will power the market — that's enough for 12 homes.

Stocking Up

Since this will be a fully operational supermarket, the shelves will be stocked with everything from canned foods to dry boxed goods. Here multiple pallets are filled with groceries awaiting their debut.

Taking Shape

A pallet of shelves is ready to be assembled. The various grocery store departments have been painted different colors and await signage.

Shelving It

Much of the aisles and shelves have already been installed by this point, but finishing touches must be added. A crew installs hanging light fixtures, making it feel even more like a real store.

Bringing in the Furnishings

The cooking stations have been brought in along with signage and produce stands. Yellow gaffer tape is used to demarcate the exact placement of all the fittings.

Lettering and Signage

Lettering for the various grocery store departments is being installed. Here a few letters wait to be installed for what will become the bakery section.

Nearing the Finish Line

The produce department is finally crowned. Endcaps have been added to finish off the aisles, and soon the market will be filled with 20,000 different products.

Stocked and Ready

The market is now complete, but keeping it stocked is a job all its own. Find out what it takes to keep Flavortown Market running for real during the show.

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