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Flavortown Market Built from Scratch: Guy's Grocery Games

See how the supermarket set was built from the ground up for Guy's Grocery Games.
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Before and After

Click through to see the transformation of this warehouse into a supermarket for Guy's Grocery Games.

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From a Blank Slate

By the end of two weeks, this barren 15,500-square-foot warehouse will turn into the fully operational supermarket set. On average a new grocery store takes up to two years to build.

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The Walls Await

Many of the plywood walls have been preassembled and are ready to go up to create the perimeter structure of Flavortown Market.

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Rising from the Ground Up

Crews begin lining up the trusses on the warehouse floor. These will be raised and attached to the ceiling joists, and they'll eventually hold more than 500 lights.

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