Highlights from Guy's Grocery Games: Season 4

Relive the top moments from Season 4 of Guy's Grocery Games

Take Two

To gain an advantage in Game 3, Guy presented Dave and Joe with Grocery Pictogram. Dave (pictured) leaned in to get a closer look while Joe had already hit the aisles running. “There’s a bumblebee, there’s a pool stick and there’s some kind of sauce,” Dave pondered. “Bar-Bee-Cue. Barbecue sauce!” The second take was worth it, because Dave brought back the correct ingredient, whereas Joe blundered with honey.

Dashing Through the Aisles

Stephane and Meghan didn’t waste time gaining speed for their upscale lunch during the One Ingredient Per Aisle challenge. “[The judges are] either going to love this or they’re just going to be like ‘get out,’” Meghan said about her open-faced soppressata, which combined chocolate chip cookie crumbs and baby food. Following the game and using the ingredients from even the not-so-desirable aisles, Meghan impressed the judges with her choice of blueberry syrup to cut through the saltiness of the soppressata.

Fight to the Finish 

After wisely choosing ingredients during Game 1, Budget Battle, Caitie was off to a winning start, and she continued to prevail when she won the Logo Low-Down advantage for her date-night dinner. “I’m freaking out a little bit; I have no idea what Guy’s about to throw at us,” Caitie said going into the final round, where she wowed the judges with her “Beer Blanc” sauce. Caitie’s fight didn’t stop at Game 3, as she went on to win $16,000 in the Shopping Spree.

Family Favorite

Despite overcooking his linguine in Game 1, Drew soared in Game 2, where his familiarity with the grocery aisles allowed him to win the Grocery Pictogram challenge and a major advantage. “I decided to make a pan-seared salmon,” Drew said. “Shout-out to Alaska.” He impressed the judges with his creative coffee mayo for his fish, which not only paid homage to his family in Alaska but also brought him all the way to the finale.

East Versus West

“Without question, one of the best Triple G’s we’ve ever seen,” Guy Fieri said about the chefs representing four different regions in Battle America. The final showdown was between Crista (representing the West) and Demetrio (representing the East) in a game of 1, 2, 3. Though it was risky for Crista to take only tortillas from aisle 9, her sacrifice paid off in her California-inspired surf-and-turf taco that brought her to the Shopping Spree.

All’s Fair in Love and Flavortown 

In a special Valentine’s-themed episode, Guy introduced a new game called Musical Carts. As the music played, Tara and Joel (pictured) shopped for their ingredients but were forced to find another cart in the store once the music stopped. “Shopping with the music playing is torture,” Joel said. Though he ended up with a cart he didn't love, Joel made a vibrant cauliflower puree that won the judges' hearts plus $14,000 to go toward his own wedding.

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Not Quite as Easy as ABC

Tony, Katherine, Matt and Brian came to Triple G ready to put their best dishes forward, but when Guy explained the rules of the ABC game, they had to alter their dish to feature ingredients starting with the letter M. Matt fell short with his undercooked macaroni salad, while Tony’s creative choice of mussels with a morel-wine reduction impressed the judges.

When Push Comes to Shove

“I have no idea what it is,” Reino said after hearing Guy’s first two clues during a game of Word. Meanwhile, Ben took off running for what he knew was couscous, and Joseph immediately followed for what became an aisle brawl. Reino ran from behind to take the semolina pasta and beat his competitors to the finish line. Winning this advantage carried Reino to the Shopping Spree. It was a “takedown!” as Brian Malarkey yelled from the judges' table.

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James Beard Nominees Take on Triple G 

James Beard Award nominees Dante, Marjorie, Rick and Todd left their restaurant kitchens to take on the challenges of Flavortown Market. After transforming instant ramen in a Red Light Special, stretching pennies in a Budget Battle and preparing mushrooms three ways for the 1, 2, 3 challenge, Rick blew away the judges with his smoked mushrooms, defeating Marjorie for the Triple G title and $14,000.

Sips and Samples

In a Game 2 Keep It Sample challenge, Kiamana, Cory and Kathy had to choose two ingredients from Flavortown’s sample tables, which the judges doled out for their party appetizer. Kathy chose cherry pie filling for her ahi tuna and spontaneous sake shooter, which gave her the idea of a mid-game toast with her fellow contestants. “I’m thinking we need a little bit more fun at Flavortown. Why not some vodka shots?” Kathy said.

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Big, Bold and Guy-Worthy Dishes

Triple D chefs Aaron, Suzi and Matt received two clues in their culinary quiz: 1968 and Ferndale, CA. After quickly realizing Guy was the answer, Aaron raced back with one of Guy’s products, earning himself an advantage in Game 2: Guy’s Favorite. When forced to pick an ingredient from Guy’s Rack, Aaron chose pork chorizo. “It’s going to fit into that big, bold flavor profile I’m trying to build for Guy’s favorite thing,” he said. This clever choice eventually put Aaron in the lead to win $16,000.

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