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Sunny Anderson Learns How String Cheese Is Made

People in the US consume about 157 million pounds of string cheese a year. Which is why Sunny Anderson visits Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese Factory to learn how raw milk is turned into string cheese. Raw milk – straight from the cow – first heads to the pasteurizer to kill bacteria. Next a cheese-specific bacteria culture is added to the milk; all string cheese starts as mozzarella. The culture creates a curds-and-whey mixture. The whey liquid is drained from the curds, which are then rinsed. Then the clean curds are dumped into a cooker vat. The curds come out the other end as a giant glob of mozzarella cheese. The cheese is forced through an extruder, turning it into long cheese ropes, which are then cut to size and packaged as string cheese.

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How'd That Get on My Plate? explores how cutting-edge technology can take simple raw ingredients and transform them into your favorite foods. Watch as milk, strawberries, corn, honey and potatoes take remarkable journeys, converting into string cheese, strawberry margarita mix, blue tortilla chips, honey-roasted peanuts and even vodka! Hosted by Sunny Anderson of Cooking for Real, How'd That Get on My Plate? gives food lovers an inside look at the methods used to plant, nurture, harvest, transport, heat, cool, slice, dice, mix, package and otherwise process raw ingredients into the foods you eat.

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Sunny serves as a fun-loving host on The Kitchen and dishes out down-to-earth recipes on Home Made in America and Cooking for Real.