Season 1, Episode 9


Hungry Detective Chris Cognac hits the streets of Beantown hot on the trail of the city’s best off-the-beaten path clam chowder. During his investigation a hot tip from a local fishmonger leads him to Daily Catch, an authentic family-run Italian seafood restaurant in Boston’s historic North End. Next, his search for Boston’s best sweets leads him to J.P. Licks, a local ice cream shop known for its creative concoctions, including ice cream made with Boston’s own Sam Adams beer. As his search for sweets continues, the Hungry Detective heads to Cambridge and follows the college crowd to L.A. Burdick, a coffee shop with a sweet reputation for its creative chocolate desserts, including a decadent brownie known as the Harvard Square. Hot on the trail of a great bargain, Cognac stays in Cambridge and meets up with a college food-blogger known as the Gentleman Gourmand. The Gentleman Gourmand takes him to Mary Chung, a true hidden gem serving up authentic Chinese food at a bargain price. Finally Cognac heads to Charlestown and the Warren Tavern and sniffs out a recipe for clam chowder almost as old as Boston itself.
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