Season 2, Episode 4

Miami Spice

Miami’s sunny beaches and spicy cuisine has come-a-callin’ again. There is no getting enough of the taste of Key lime, and this time around Jamie and Bobby roll up on We Take the Cake for a Bundt cake with Key lime frosting that leaves the brothers begging for more. For seafood they stop into Laurenzo’s Italian Market to sample an authentic local delicacy – Stone Crab Bisque. The boys never get enough of chocolate so they pop into Romanico’s for Venezuelan "Art Chocolates" and truffles; every divine morsel is made from the world’s purest chocolate. Caribbean culture is big in Miami, and year after year Sonia’s Jamaican Patties are voted as the best by Miami locals and of course Jamie and Bobby now agree, hands down, Sonia’s patties are the best. To sample your own get a few shipped to your door.
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