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5 Ingredient Dishes

Whip up dinner with one of Claire Robinson's signature dishes made with five ingredients or fewer.

Sweet and Savory

End the meal with this easy-to-make dessert.

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  • 5 Ingredient Fix

    It's a Greek feast in five ingredients or fewer as Claire shows us recipes fit for the gods. First, Claire makes a rich and tangy Tzatziki - a classic Greek yogurt dish full of fresh herbs that is great on everything! Next, the burger has gone gourmet as Claire makes Sliders with ground lamb and delicious feta. Not to be outdone, Claire prepares a whole, marinated chicken grilled to perfection. Crispy on the outside, but juicy all the way to the bone. To complete the meal, a crisp and cold Cucumber and Tomato Salad. Simple and delicious dishes today on 5 Ingredient Fix.

  • Food Network Challenge

    Take a trip back in time as four of the top cake artisans in all the land present cakes celebrating the colorful tradition of Renaissance Festivals. We toss in a twist for our lords and ladies and the fairest cake in the land takes home ten thousand dollars.

  • 5 Ingredient Fix

    Claire uses the ultimate double duty ingredient to cook up some mouth watering dishes. Using eggs in every single dish, Claire takes the most versatile ingredient and creates four delicious recipes.

  • Food Network Challenge

    Four Cake Designers make tasty cakes inspired by man's best friend. The challenge is to make a realistic life-size replica of a real-life show dog. The competitor with the perfect pooch takes home $10,000.

  • 5 Ingredient Fix

    Ham is a year-round Southern staple and one of Claire's most beloved foods. On this episode, she's updating her childhood favorite and making a simple but very flavorful Fig Glazed Ham accompanied by a parsnip apple puree for that perfect sweet and salty combo. And for a dessert that screams southern comfort, cobble topped blackberries; they are a sweet-and-tangy treat made with just 5 ingredients.

  • Food Network Challenge

    There goes the neighborhood! Santa Claus and his reindeer are out, and ghosts and goblins are in as a Christmas classic gets a Halloween makeover. The art of gingerbread building takes a giant leap forward as four pastry chefs build not only haunted houses, but a spooky slime-filled cave and a Spanish Galleon manned by skeleton sailors. Who knew something so sweet could be so...scary!


    Elizabeth Falkner
    Owner and Executive Pastry Chef, Citizen Cake & Citizen Cupcake
    San Francisco, Calif.
    Assistant: Sara Cameron

    Liv Hansen
    Owner, The Riviera Bakehouse
    Upper Nyack, N.Y.
    Assistant: Kaye Hansen

    Dawn Nemec
    Pastry Chef, Just Cake
    Monterey Bay, Calif.
    Assistant: Marina Sousa

    April Robinson
    Pastry Chef, A Voce Restaurant
    New York, N.Y.
    Assistant: Ron Rosselli


    Steve Kopelman
    Owner of Thrillvania and The Nest Haunted Houses
    Terrell, Texas

    Andrew Shotts
    Owner, Garrison Confections
    Providence, R.I.

    Kerry Vincent
    Wedding Cake Designer/Hall of Fame Sugar Artist
    Tulsa, Okla.






  • 5 Ingredient Fix

    Claire Robinson is joined by her friend, master pastry chef Keegan Gerhard, for a Dessert Bar full of treats you would never believe have only 5 ingredients. He'll show Claire simple recipes for marshmallows, meringues, even chocolate, and how these basics can be transformed into endless numbers of show stopping desserts.

  • Food Network Challenge

    Four cake designers come to Challenge to tell a real ghost story in cake. Based on personal experience, the cakes must be evocative as well as be outstanding technically. The competitor that can hit the mark with both their storytelling and cake skill will win ten thousand dollars.

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  • Food Network Challenge

    Four chocolatiers pitch in to create a romantic backdrop for a gentleman who is going to propose to his girlfriend at the end of the show. The best and most personal showpiece wins one chocolatier ten thousand dollars -- and hopefully, win the guy the girl of his dreams.

  • 5 Ingredient Fix

    On this episode Claire reveals her perfect potluck menu that will leave each and every guest asking for seconds. From appetizer to dessert she serves up some super simple yet impressive dishes.

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