This Air Fryer Bread Recipe Is Absolutely Fool-Proof

This is the easiest way to make bread at home!

May 19, 2020


Food Network Kitchen’s Air Fryer Bread, as seen on Food Network.

Photo by: Renee Comet

Renee Comet

Most bakers would tell you that success in baking is all about precision. It's a common school of thought: Cooking has room for improvising, meant to encourage you to get creative, but baking is a science that must be followed exactly in order to achieve accurate results. So, when I started making this recipe for air fryer bread and added water in at the wrong time, I was convinced I was doomed. But, as I sit here enjoying a slice of my homemade bread, I can assure you this recipe is nearly impossible to mess up.

First, let’s talk equipment. Aside from obviously needing an air fryer, this recipe also calls for eight minutes of kneading in a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, which I unfortunately don’t have. Rather than kneading by hand, I found a Danish dough whisk I was assured would do the trick. I combined flour, butter, yeast, sugar and salt and gave it a quick mix with this OXO dough whisk, which is comprised of three differently sized coils stacked around each other. I didn’t give it the full eight minutes the recipe recommended simply because my arm couldn’t handle it, but I made sure the ingredients were fully incorporated and the dough was totally mixed. Did altering the directions make me skeptical of how my bread would end up? Absolutely! (But remember — this recipe is practically fool-proof!)

After letting rise for about an hour, I popped the dough into my air fryer for 20 minutes. This recipe was developed with a basket air fryer, but I have an air fryer toaster oven that worked just fine. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the air fryer setting transformed my dough into a soft loaf of bread with a crisp exterior. My only caveat is that the top did get a little dark, but I attribute that to the fact my pan was about a half-inch smaller than recommended and my air fryer oven is on the smaller side.

All-in-all, I was impressed with how easy this recipe was and how delicious the results were. It’s a pretty standard loaf of white bread, but I’ve been finding ways to spice it up all week by topping with my favorite peach jam, a fried egg or turning it into French toast. The possibilities with this recipe feel endless!

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