This Recipe Proves Thumbprint Cookies Aren’t Just for Christmas

We're starting cookie season early this year.

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I know this might sound a bit radical, but I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Thumbprint cookies are not just a Christmas cookie. While I’ll be the very first person to admit they're regulars at a holiday table — my family has three different kinds of thumbprint cookies at Christmas every year — there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t be baked and enjoyed outside of the holidays. Need more convincing? Go ahead and give these Pumpkin Thumbprints (pictured above) from Food Network Magazine a try. Not only are they absolutely delicious, after just one bite, they’re sure to become your new favorite fall treat.

Like classic thumbprint cookies, these pumpkin-infused ones are the perfect ratio of buttery cookie dough and creme filling. Unlike holiday ones though, the cookie portion of these thumbprints is made with pumpkin puree and hints of allspice, cinnamon and brown sugar to give you a taste of sweater weather in each and every bite. These spicy thumbprint cookies also have a thicker consistency than most others; this means that not only does each one taste just like a decadent slice of pumpkin cheesecake — they have the luxurious texture of it too.

The velvety cream cheese filling on these thumbprints also can’t be ignored. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional raspberry and apricot jam or chocolate fudge filling found on OG thumbprint cookies, there’s something truly magical about the super simple yet equally flavorful filling found on these pumpkin spice ones. Though you’ll only need five ingredients to make it — cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar, lemon juice, vanilla and salt — the end result is so irresistible you’ll honestly wish you could slather the dreamy filling on everything. Topped off with a light dusting of ground cinnamon, they truly are a quintessential fall bite. Honestly the hardest thing about making them is eating just one when they come out of the oven.

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