5 Things in Your Freezer That Need to Go

Not even freezing temps can grant an unlimited stay to this stuff.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Not even in the freezer, we're afraid. Though it's technically true that food will remain safe to eat indefinitely after it's been frozen (except if it's been refrozen — read on to find out more), eventually it will definitely stop tasting great. We'll bet it's time for a cleanout at your place.

Stinky Ice Cubes

Admit it: Yours taste like fish. Ice cubes aren't impervious to food smells, and once they're stinky, there's no way to un-stink 'em. Rotate in new cubes regularly, and wash the trays after the last cube is gone.

Whole-Bean Coffee

This might be surprising, but ground coffee actually holds up better in the freezer than whole beans, which lose most of their flavor quickly when frozen. Plus, grinding still-frozen beans is an easy way to make your grinder rust.

Anything Freezer-Burned

Sure, you can cut off the damaged bits and hope for the best, but it's likely that "the best" will barely impress — you might as well start fresh. In the future, wrap things well, and try to open the freezer door as little as possible to prevent the fluctuations that lead to freezer burn.

Food That's Been Thawed and Refrozen

If you let something defrost, it's time to use it or lose it. It's just not safe to refreeze food (since bacteria begin to grow after it thaws), and the quality and taste will diminish as well, thanks to the extra moisture.

Anything You Can't Recognize

Resist the urge to chip off pieces of unrecognizable food and taste them to figure out what they are. If you don't remember what it is or when you stashed it away, its quality is likely past its prime.

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