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11 Savvy Swaps for Ultra-Pricey Ingredients

Save hundreds of dollars at the grocery store and still nail recipes that call for the most expensive ingredients (saffron, truffles and pine nuts, oh my) with these smart substitutions.

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Shave Your Grocery Bill

Ingredients like bacon, imported cheese, or fancy olives will always be pricey, but they're also very potent. “You can often get away with using far less than you'd think and still get a lot of added flavor,” says Beth Moncel, author of Budget Bytes. Of course, when that isn't an option, try these swaps from Moncel, Gabi Moskowitz of the nationally-acclaimed, Carrie Robinson of, and Amy McCoy, author of Poor Girl Gourmet.

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$1,149 per pound.

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Savvy Swap: Turmeric, Dried/Ground or Fresh 

$2.05 per oz. The flavor is similar, and the color it lends dishes is nearly identical. Savings: almost 100 percent.

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$30 per oz.

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