Season 2, Episode 5

Monkey Business

Duff and the staff at Charm City Cakes have a big monkey to get off their backs — King Kong! Drew Kramer’s bar mitzvah is Saturday and his parents have ordered a $2000 King Kong cake. The "Overseas Houston," a giant tanker, is being christened in Chesterfield, Pa., on Saturday. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the shipping company has ordered a giant replica of the tanker made of cake. They also want a champagne bottle made out of a cookie to christen the cake ship. Once the cake is built, Geof must transport it two hours to Chesterfield. Will the "Overseas Houston" survive the potholes between Baltimore and Chesterfield? A couple is getting married and the groom-to-be is a DJ. His fiancé is surprising him with a cake that looks like his beloved Technics turntable.
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