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Cooking with the Most-Impossible Mystery Basket Ingredients

Discover 15 of the most-impossible Chopped mystery basket ingredients, and learn tips for making them less impossible from the chefs of Food Network Kitchen. Competitors, take note!
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The Most-Impossible Ingredient

Browse through the gallery to see which ingredients made the list.

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Buddha's Hand

The flavor of this peculiar-looking fruit is similar to other citrus fruits and is great in vinaigrettes and marinades. You can also add some of the zest from a Buddha's hand to sugar for a flavored sugar you can dust on desserts.

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Green Tea Leaves

Green tea leaves are an incredibly versatile ingredient — they have a bright perfumed flavor with some fruity undertones, so they're excellent in desserts (try them in shortbread cookies or smoothies). Or, for a more savory option, add them to chicken soup for a deep herbaceous flavor.

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Like other mollusks, geoducks have a delicate, clean, slightly salty flavor (like the ocean). Try slicing the geoduck very thinly — since it can be chewy — and make a ceviche out of it, or add the meat to a creamy chowder.

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