Chopped Junior-Inspired Lunchboxes

Set your lunchbox apart from the rest with these recipes inspired by Chopped Junior mystery basket ingredients.

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Waffled Peanut Butter and Jelly

Waffle machines are fun to use, and nowadays you can waffle just about anything. For this recipe, just make your usual PB&J and waffle it!

Vegetarian Nopales Burrito

Nopales, basically cactus leaves, may look prickly and scary, but once the needles are carefully removed, the leaves can be sauteed or grilled until tender. Try making them into fun, easily portable burritos.

BBQ Broccoli Salad

Try a new spin on broccoli slaw, replacing the broccoli with slightly bitter broccoli rabe, and the mayonnaise with barbecue sauce. Top with fried onions for some crunch.

Tofu Cocktail

Spice up chunks of flavor-neutral tofu with a sprinkling of Old Bay, give them a squeeze of lemon and serve them with cocktail sauce. It's a vegetarian take on shrimp cocktail!

Potato Pancake Sandwich

This bagels-and-lox-inspired sandwich uses leftover potato pancakes (or latkes) as the vehicle. It's definitely an elegant way to enjoy lunch.  

Pumpkin Hummus

Spice up your plain hummus with the basket ingredient pumpkin pie spice. Here it's served with another basket ingredient, rainbow carrots, which add a fun splash of color.

Guacamole on the Half Shell

Here's a fun and easy way to pack a portable single serving of guacamole. Just mash an avocado half in its shell and add chopped onion and cilantro, some corn and a drizzle of lime juice, and finish with salt.

Horchata Rice Pudding

Inspired by the Mexican rice drink, this recipe jazzes up store-bought rice pudding with some cinnamon, crispy rice cereal and toasted almonds. Add the toppings just before serving.

Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups with Wasabi-Peach Sauce

These lunch meat roll-ups are fun for kids to make — and eat. Serve them with a wasabi-peach mayo, which can be used for dipping the roll-ups or spread onto a sandwich to spice things up.

Caesar Salad with Pepperoni Pizza Croutons

In this instance pepperoni pizza was the basket ingredient. Turn chunks of the pizza into croutons to top a classic Caesar salad. Just make sure to pack the dressing separately.

Shrimp Chip Snack Mix

Move over, Chex mix — there's a new sheriff in town. This Asian-inspired snack mix includes the basket ingredient of shrimp chips, along with wasabi peas, almonds, sesame sticks and crispy seaweed.

The Cupcake Sandwich

How do you get the perfect cake-to-frosting bite when eating a cupcake? Here's the solution: Cut off the bottom and sandwich it over the top.

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