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Season 6, Episode 4

Fast Food Face-Off

With a healthy fast food theme in effect, a new group of kid cooks must make appetizers using a popular condiment and seafood. An ancient grain bread is paired with poultry in the entree basket, and the dessert basket contains a frozen fruity Italian treat. Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli, Stephanie Izard and Marcus Samuelsson serve as judges.

Jan 22
2pm | 1c
Season 5, Episode 7

Pizza Party

Chef Amanda Freitag, YouTube star Harley Morenstein and actress Anika Noni Rose preside over an all-pizza competition! Three courses of pizza begin with appetizers comprised of exotic looking mushrooms and a creamy Italian sauce. The fun continues as the junior chefs battle against some challenging dough and more sauce in the entree round. Then, the finalists tackle pizza dessert using cheese with a funny name and a wild assortment of fruit!

Jan 23
4am | 3c
Season 3, Episode 12

Snapper Snafus

In round one, the junior chefs have to hustle to do their best with duck and some wild-flavored cupcakes. The young cooks all take different routes with the snapper in the entree basket, then the finalists find a playful pie and a tart surprise in the dessert round. The judging panel features chef Scott Conant, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and chef Jamika Pessoa.

Jan 28
2pm | 1c
Season 3, Episode 11

Basket Brawl

A new round of talented young cooks storms the kitchen to win over the judges, chefs Roble Ali and Marcus Samuelsson and blogger Rachel Hollis. First, they find some unusual gifts from the sea in the appetizer basket, and in the entree round, something sweet and something bitter in the basket make for a flavor-balancing act. Then, chocolate ravioli desserts prove to be a challenge in a hectic final round.

Jan 28
3pm | 2c
Season 6, Episode 7

Play Nice With Spice

The heat is on in this spicy competition, judged by YouTube personality Tyler Oakley and chefs Ching-He Huang and Geoffrey Zakarian. In the appetizer round, the kids must put on their goggles when they tackle hot peppers. The entree round reveals a milder chili, but the junior chefs are left wishing they had practiced cooking goat! Then, in the dessert round, the two finalists must cook with a spicy jam that leaves a tingling sensation.

Jan 29
2pm | 1c
Season , Episode 1


When the young chefs must butcher and cook snakes in the appetizer round, will they be too squeamish to let their skills shine through? In the entree round, a dense oddball of a cake must be worked into lamb shoulder dishes. Then, the last precious seconds of the round are a show of desperation and cooperation as the finalists are challenged to make creative, caffeinated desserts for the judges, actor Chris Colfer and chefs Raiza Costa and Amanda Freitag.

Jan 30
4am | 3c
Season 3, Episode 4

Fish Tale

A serious seafood challenge plus a healthy frozen dessert are two of the ingredients that the junior chefs encounter out of the gate. In round two, a pork chop plate will get a young cook chopped, then major setbacks in the dessert round keep the finalists working furiously on their rainbow pancake dishes until time is up. The judging panel features TV host Debbie Matenopoulos and chefs Chris Santos and Dale Talde.

Feb 5
2pm | 1c
Season 6, Episode 13

Stick with It!

The kid cooks learn that they'll be making the most fun cuisine, foods on sticks, for judges Sunny Anderson, Marcus Samuelsson and Dale Talde. Their skewered appetizers must include a fair classic and some stuffed pasta. Cake pops are a whimsical treat for the entree round. Finally, there's a super sweet collection of ingredients in the dessert basket.

Feb 6
4am | 3c
Season 3, Episode 5

S'more Determination

Chefs Tiffany Derry and Alex Guarnaschelli and actress Jennette McCurdy are on hand to judge this round of junior chefs, who must first deal with a peculiar hot dog pasta in their appetizer baskets. The odd combos continue in the second round with s'mores French fries, plus a difficult-to-prepare protein that is definitely new to the young cooks. Then, some adorable dumplings and some fancy fruit are two of the ingredients in the mix for dessert.

Feb 11
2pm | 1c
Season 4, Episode 2

Cup of Glee

Chefs Maneet Chauhan and Andrew Gruel and actress Meghan Markle preside over a competition that begins with a three and a half-pound peanut butter cup and a too-hot griddle that creates problems for one of the young chefs. An enviable cut of pork and a strong-flavored candy are two of the gifts in the entree basket, then the finalists take on a gooey skillet of pink sweetness along with a healthy, crunchy snack in the dessert round.

Feb 12
2pm | 1c
Season , Episode 6

Curry Hurry

A new group of ambitious junior chefs must win over a special panel of judges: chef Tiffany Derry, actress Busy Philipps and chef Aaron Sanchez. First up, an odd egg and a unique version of chicken and waffles are found in the basket. Orange noodles and a red paste are among the colorful ingredients that the young chefs must promptly address in the entree round, and the two finalists must find creative ways to turn Italian pudding and sweet sushi-shaped sandwiches into original desserts.

Feb 13
4am | 3c
Season 4, Episode 13

Chia Frets

At an age when many kids have never even tasted lamb, the junior chefs competing must create dishes with it in round one. A creamy soup and a pretty pasta are two of the entree basket ingredients that the young cooks must conquer. Then, the judges -- chef Amanda Freitag, actor David Alan Grier and TV host Brandi Milloy -- fret over the gray color of the chia pudding in the dessert basket.

Feb 19
2pm | 1c
Season 4, Episode 11

Lemon Meringue Why?

The judges, radio host Angie Martinez, actress Chelsea Peretti and chef Geoffrey Zakarian, watch to see what wild appetizer dishes the competitors will make with wildfire lettuce and fluke. Then, the remaining kids wonder why a beautiful lemon meringue pie must be found in the entree round but manage to find unique ways to use it. Finally, baking and ice cream are part of the plan for both competitors in the dessert round.

Feb 20
4am | 3c
Season , Episode 3

Sloppy Apps

Neatness is always important in plating, but with sloppy joes as a mandatory ingredient in the first round, the judges -- food blogger Siri Daly, actress Cheryl Hines, and chef Geoffrey Zakarian -- must excuse some sloppiness! A red pesto and some white turnips keep things interesting in the entree round, then a yummy bacon apple pie is found in the dessert basket.

Feb 26
2pm | 1c
Season 6, Episode 2

Tropical Vibes

Caribbean flavors rule in this tropical competition, presided over by judges Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag and musician Ziggy Marley. The competitors come out strong in the appetizer round when they must cook with a classic Caribbean spice blend. Then, the junior chefs must pair fish with fruit in the entree round. The two finalists open the dessert basket to find a green fruit and citrus cookies.

Feb 27
4am | 3c
Season 4, Episode 8

Donut Sweat It

Savory meets sweet, and all is awesome! The junior chefs find something called an "everything donut" in the appetizer basket, which they must make work with a pickled pork product. Cooking venison is a new experience for some of the junior chefs in the entree round, then a competitor makes a bold move in the final seconds of the dessert round. It's up to the judges -- chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and David Guas and NFL player DeMarcus Ware -- to decide if it was a smart choice.

Mar 4
2pm | 1c
Season 5, Episode 9

Fry Fans

The young competitors celebrate fried food in each round and whip up some deep-fried delights for the judges, chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Rebecca Lang and actor Zachary Quinto. The first round kicks off with a popular Southern beverage and seafood. The heat builds in the second round, when the kids get to pair the "caviar of the South" with a savory batter. Then, the dessert round reveals that almost everything can be fried, including ice cream!

Mar 4
3pm | 2c
Season 6, Episode 9

Make Me a Judge: Episode 1

For the first time in Chopped history, kid competitors have a chance at becoming a Chopped judge! In the first competition, judged by Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli and Marc Murphy, a burger theme shapes what the kids must cook. For the appetizer round, they have to use an unusual popsicle and a small egg delicacy. The entree round delivers straightforward burger meat, but with a sweet oniony condiment. Then, the remaining kid cooks must figure out how to make burger-inspired desserts using a cured meat ingredient and fresh fruit.

Mar 4
4pm | 3c
Season 6, Episode 10

Make Me a Judge: Episode 2

The excitement continues as four eager young chefs cook for the chance to become a judge in the finale event! Maneet Chauhan, Alex Guarnaschelli and Chris Santos sit on the judging panel for this competition, where the kids have to work with a different barbecue sauce in each round. In the appetizer basket, the kids must transform cookies and a slimy vegetable into delicious starters. A pork product must be paired with fresh greens in the entree course, then the finalists struggle to place cheese in their desserts.

Mar 4
5pm | 4c
Season 6, Episode 11

Make Me a Judge: Episode 3

The third and final seat at the judges' table is up for grabs! Four precocious kids tackle the mystery baskets, with a baking theme in effect. The appetizer basket reveals a South American sausage and a cheesy baked treat. The young cooks are surprised to find their protein in whole-animal form in the entree round, then the finalists must transform a tart berry and colorful cookie dough into delicious desserts. Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli and Scott Conant serve as judges.

Mar 4
6pm | 5c
Season 6, Episode 12

Make Me a Judge: Finale

Three Chopped Junior Champions are taking a seat at the Chopping Block, as four regular Chopped judges -- Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marcus Samuelsson and Chris Santos -- compete for $25,000 for charity. The chefs are cooking with some of the same ingredients that the kids did, but with a few shocking twists, starting with cured fish roe in the appetizer basket. The entree basket contains some familiar barbecue ingredients, and the chefs must also incorporate an elaborate gelatin creation. The dessert basket turns into an ice cream showdown, and the remaining two chefs must cook with ears!

Mar 4
7pm | 6c
Season 7, Episode 1

Weird, Feared

When the junior chefs encounter alarmingly outlandish surprises in every basket, will working with weird ingredients stop them from cooking at their best? A swamp special must be combined with a spicy frozen dessert in the appetizer round. Peppers and puffer fish tails are in the entree basket. Finally, the kid chefs get a Scandinavian pancake for a dessert-round shocker. Food Network Star finalist Martita Jara guest judges with chefs Marcus Samuelsson and George Mendes.

Mar 5
2pm | 1c
Season 2, Episode 9

Pancake Pop Power

A new group of ambitious junior chefs enter the kitchen with hopes of winning over a special panel of judges: chef Alex Guarnaschelli, Cooking Channel's Kelsey Nixon, and food blogger/chef Donal Skehan. The young competitors start by attempting to make a delicious appetizer with both octopus and a tart dessert bar. An equally confounding meat is at the center of the entree basket, then the finalists see what they can do with some strange fruit and some colorful seeds in their desserts.

Mar 6
4am | 3c
Season 4, Episode 3

Hot Potato, Not Potato

Four ambitious kids bring their cooking skills to the Chopped Kitchen as they try to impress chefs Lazarus Lynch and Marc Murphy and actor James Maslow. Ground beef and chocolate present a conundrum for the competitors in the first round. In the entree basket, an ingredient that looks like a giant baked potato is something else entirely, and a red, white and blue snack in the dessert basket is a patriotic potpourri for the finalists.

Mar 12
2pm | 1c
Season 1, Episode 9

Birthday Cake Crush

There's double trouble in the kitchen, as this group of young competitors includes twin sisters! They'll all have to work hard to impress the judges, former professional boxer Laila Ali and chefs Aaron Sanchez and Art Smith. In the first round, cookies and veggies are mandatory ingredients, and in the entree basket, they are surprised by a beautiful birthday cake. For dessert, the final two chefs must marry salty with sweet.

Mar 13
4am | 3c
Season 2, Episode 4

Go Fish!

Chefs Kardea Brown and Amanda Freitag are joined by actor Andrew Rannells to judge a very fishy competition! Some sugary items in the first basket have the competitors wondering how to create balanced fish dishes, and time management issues create big problems for one junior chef and a difficult choice for the judges. Canned pasta and an extremely salty veggie are two of the entree round ingredients, then an injury in the dessert round puts one finalist in jeopardy of ruining their dish.

Mar 19
2pm | 1c

About the Host

Ted Allen

Ted, the host of Chopped, was the food and wine specialist on the groundbreaking, Emmy-winning series Queer Eye, which had a 100-episode run.