Chopped Junior Champions — Meet the Competitors

Get to know the 16 talented young cooks competing for the champion title and $25,000 to make their dreams come true.

Photo By: Jason DeCrow

Photo By: Jason DeCrow

Photo By: Jason DeCrow

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Photo By: Jason DeCrow

Part 1: Cassidy

Cassidy's first introduction to the kitchen was playing with flour at the age of 4. Her mom and grandma eventually introduced her to the basics, and Cassidy's been cooking ever since. Since winning Chopped Junior, Cassidy has cooked for various fundraising events, and has spoken at events. When she's not busy with her endeavors, Cassidy loves to horseback ride, dance, and watch movies with her friends.

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Part 1: Danielle

Out of necessity, Danielle taught herself how to cook at the age of 8 by watching cooking shows all day long. She loves cooking healthy food, and spreading joy through her cooking. Winning Chopped Junior was a huge confident booster for her, and she now feels she can conquer anything. Danielle loves making crafts and watching online cooking videos in her spare time.

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Part 1: Jack

Jack has been cooking since he was 5 and can make it all. As a geography buff, he loves to eat food from all over the world. In the past he's cooked for charity events, and he's interned as a cooking class assistant. In his spare time, Jack loves swimming, hanging out with his sister and playing with his dog.

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Part 1: Tavia

When she was 8 years old, Tavia was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. During a time in the hospital she fell in love with Chopped, and it inspired her to start cooking. She dreams of one day running her own restaurant, becoming a culinary instructor and a TV chef personality. Tavia loves to keep busy, but when she's got the time for it, she rollerblades, sings, bowls and loves hanging out in the sun.

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Part 2: Aziza

Aziza attributes much of her cooking knowledge to her mom and Food Network. Much of Aziza's cooking inspiration also comes from her family, as her mom is from New Zealand, and her dad from Ghana. She loves cooking for her family, friends and classmates. Aziza strongly believes in a healthy lifestyle, and takes part in her school's track team.

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Part 2: Caroline

Caroline's love for cooking came from her grandma. Caroline also learned a lot of skills from her cooking school teacher. Now Caroline even does pop-up events and has been asked to judge competitions. She loves to play ice hockey and the drums, because, like in cooking, she's able improvise and come up with things on the spot.

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Part 2: Henry

Henry's love for unusual ingredients and worldly spices comes from his many travels with his family. He applies that experience to the recipes he cooks. Since appearing on the show, he's worked on the line in a restaurant and catered an event. Henry is also into jazz music as he plays the clarinet. He's also a big history buff and can name every nation in the world.

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Part 2: Isabella

Isabella says her Korean grandmother is her greatest culinary influence. Isabella also loves cooking with Mexican flavors, and gravitates toward experimental cooking. She wants to teach the younger generation about cooking, and hopes to start a cooking club at her school. Isabella's not a stranger to competition as she's a competitive swimmer. She also enjoys singing and collecting crazy socks.

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Part 3: Buck

Buck learned how to handle a knife and cook from his dad, a knife maker. Buck often cooks at home, because that means he doesn't have to do the dishes. He's currently training and honing his skills in local fine dining restaurants. In his spare time, Buck loves to hunt with his dad. He also participates in a lot of mountain sports.

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Part 3: Claire

Claire thanks her dad for teaching her everything she knows about cooking. In the past she's taken part in kids' cooking competitions, and now after her Chopped Junior win, Claire hopes to start her own knife company tailored to young cooks. She's also cooked and spoken at fundraising events. Claire loves reading and science and dreams of becoming a food chemist.

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Part 3: Lucy

Lucy started cooking with her dad around the age of 5, and now she cooks better than him. Her favorite things to cook are Italian dishes and comfort foods. She also loves to experiment with different meat and herb combinations. Lucy is also a Girl Scout, and holds the record for most sales of boxed cookies. She is also a talented gymnast.

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Part 3: Mischa

At the age of about 4, Mischa started helping her mom in the kitchen. Now she's not only adept at cooking, she can bake, too. She attributes her learning to her mom, Chopped and her cookbooks. She's won first place at the county fair with her jams. She loves math and science, and with her sisters, she runs a food and cooking website for kids.

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Part 4: Aidan

Aidan first realized that he loves to cook when at the age of 4 he used to assist his babysitter in the kitchen. He loves cooking because it helps him open his mind from his dyslexia. He's been taking private cooking lesson because he wants to eventually start his own food truck. When he's not in the kitchen he's golfing, playing basketball and fishing.

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Part 4: Emma

Emma considers Italian food her primary focus, but she's also into cooking Mexican food. She loves to make her own pasta, and she's become a bit of a cooking celebrity among her friends. Besides cooking on a regular basis, Emma plays the cello in her school's orchestra, and she's a voracious reader. She's also active in her school and community theater productions.

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Part 4: Haley

Haley takes her cooking inspiration from her grandfathers, who are both German. She cooks a lot at home, with a concentration in healthy foods since she's into cross country and track as is her twin sister. Haley also plays soccer and is on the cheerleading team at her school. She eventually hopes to open a restaurant.

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Part 4: Jack

In Jack's household, cooking is a family affair as everyone's a great cook. Lately Jack has been dipping into his Italian grandparents' recipe book for inspiration. In school, he's the editor in chief of the website and newspaper. Besides his journalistic endeavors, he loves to draw and play lacrosse.

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