Season 1, Episode 1

Halloween Party

It's a Halloween tradition in Michael's neighborhood - every home serves a special treat so the parents can socialize while the kids tank up on sugar. Michael's got peanut butter cups, s' mores, vampire blood punch with eyeballs, and Garlic Soup to Go.

2 Days Before Party:

  • Coat muffin cups with chocolate for Peanut Butter cups and refrigerate.

  • Boil vegetables in salted water for Poached Garlic Soup until soft

  • Puree for smoothness, cover and refrigerate

  • Freeze hand and face ice cubes for Vampire Punch

1 Day Before Party:

  • Prepare peanut butter mixture for hardened cups

  • Add banana chip on each cup, refrigerate for hardening

  • Cut graham crackers into Halloween shapes for S’mores

Morning of Party:

  • Blend sweets for the Slimedoo Fondue until melted

  • Mix in green food coloring, place in fondue pot for serving

  • Re-heat soup, mix in cream, and serve in warm bowls

15 minutes Before Party:

  • Mix juices for Vampire Blood Punch, put in body ice cubes and serve

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