Season 6, Episode 6

TV Dinner and a Movie

It's a quiet dinner at home, filled with some of your all-time favorite comfort foods and served TV dinner style! With Michael's recipes for Cup of Quick Minestrone , Turkey Polpettone Sandwich in Marinara, Parmesan Fries oven baked, Warm Bananas w/Brown Sugar & Bay leaf over Chocolate Cake

Day Before Party:

  • Assemble and sauté soup (without pasta) for Super Quick Minestrone.

  • Mix and simmer sauce (without sliced bananas) for Warm Bananas with Brown Sugar Sauce to top Chocolate Cake.

  • Skim the simmering Minestrone and refrigerate it overnight.

  • Remove Warm Bananas with Brown Sugar Sauce from the heat and refrigerate overnight.

  • Prep, par-boil, drain, coat and refrigerate the potatoes for Parmesan Fries.

  • Mix raw turkey with other ingredients and for Turkey Polpettone, refrigerate overnight.

One Hour Before Party:

  • Boil Pasta for Super Quick Minestrone, remove from pot and cover with olive oil to keep moist until ready to add to soup.

  • Put Super Quick Minestrone on the stove to get back up to a boil.

  • Take Par boiled potato sticks and bake them in the oven to bake.

  • Begin to sauté the turkey patties for the Polpettone, and place the marinara on the stove to heat to combine with sandwich.

  • Grate parmesan and top baking fries in the oven for Parmesan fries, place them back in the oven to melt cheese.

  • Flip the turkey patties to brown on the other side, then lift and put them in the heated marinara sauce. Top with extra mozzarella.

  • Slice crostini bread and place sauteed patties from the sauce in the sandwich bread for serving.

  • Pull fries form oven to cool.

As Guests Arrive:

  • Add pasta to Super Quick Minestrone.

  • Reheat and add bananas to Warm Bananas with Brown Sugar Sauce.

  • Eat and enjoy, serving in TV Dinner trays if possible.

Eat and Enjoy!

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