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Sara Moulton, the executive chef of Gourmet magazine, shares great recipes and terrific techniques to fit your busy lifestyle. Plus, top chefs, cookbook authors and the best food specialists from around the world drop by frequently to share insider secrets.

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Pineapple in Port with Fresh Chopped Mint: Ananas em Porto com Hortela Picada

Watermelon Ice Cubes

Arctic Char with Roasted Garlic and Fresh Rosemary

Pork and Potatoes with Orange Juice and Cola

Iceberg Lettuce Wedges with Russian Dressing

Steamed-Chicken Rice Balls with Dipping Sauce

Magret of Duck with Fig and Shallot Compote

Pollo Asada al Ajillo: Garlic Roasted Chicken

Couscous with Scallions

Fried Ipswich Clams with Fried Lemons

Chicken in Red Wine with Onions, Mushrooms and Bacon: Coq Au Vin

Cheese-Straw Apple Pie

Hung Chong Chinese Chive and Oil Stir-Fry

Boeuf a la Bourguignon

Golden Gingerbread with Dried Blueberries

Mashed Potatoes with Leeks and Sour Cream

Fried Rice with Egg

Garlic Lovers' Soup with Cheese and White Wine: Billomoise

Mashed Plantains with Chorizo: Fufu

Grilled Smoked Sausage with Apple Fennel "Sauerkraut"

Caramel Souffle

Turkish Eggs

Chocolate Mousse

Maple Leaf Shape Chocolate Croutons

Malaysian Potatoes and Green Beans

Fresh Fruit Dessert

Chesapeake Chowder