Meet the Food Truck Teams from Season 11

The holiday hustle is on! Five food truck teams are hitting the open road and putting their culinary skills to the test for a chance to win the $50,000 grand prize.

Hungry for the Holidays

Tyler Florence brings a new batch of food truck teams to New England for the ultimate holiday showdown!

Big Stuff

Brad Brutlag and Eddy Cumming are professional chefs who work on private yachts for very picky and wealthy clients. They have dominated the seas with their creative cuisine and are now ready to conquer dry land with their stuffed menu. Joined by their marketing whiz friend Mike O’Neill, this team is used to working in tight quarters and delivering delicious food.

Creole Queens

Married couple Raven and Tryshell Robertson and their friend Ariana Mitchell are originally from New Orleans and they are ready to bring the city’s food and culture on the road. The trio run a thriving catering business and teach cooking classes NOLA-style from their new hometown in Texas and look forward to sharing their creole-inspired dishes with food truck customers.

Lia's Lupima

Spencer Hunter is an executive chef who specializes in Filipino food and started a catering company with his mother Benelia Santos-Hunter. Joined by their friend Tania Garcia, their truck concept serves up the traditional Filipino dish Lumpia, a delicious cousin of the egg roll. With Spencer’s cooking skills, Benelia’s big personality and Tania’s hands-on help, this team is ready to deliver their delicious dishes on the go.

Magical Mystery Heroes

Matt Williams is a chef who loves to be creative in the kitchen. Together with his cousin Chris Schulz as the team’s hype man and Chris’ wife Hannah Schulz as sous chef, this team’s menu is eclectic and offers lots of surprises.

Slap Shot

Being from Northern Minnesota, culinary student Annika Johnson, her sister Michaela and their mom Sheila are used to competing in the snow. The sisters are All-State hockey champs and their food truck concept is a gourmet twist on hockey rink concession food with a taste of the Midwest.