The Great Food Truck Race, Season 10: Top Moments

Relive the journey the teams took during Season 10 of The Great Food Truck Race.

South Carolina Showdown

Season 10 of The Great Food Truck Race started out in Tyler's home state of South Carolina. This was going to be the biggest season yet with nine teams competing for the grand prize of $50,000. "This is going to be the longest and the hardest fight we have ever had," Tyler said.

Boardwalk Bite

The first challenge was to make a boardwalk bite; a delicious, but portable dish. The team with the best dish, chosen by a group of beachgoers, would get an additional $300 added to their till.

Voracious Vegans

Sol Food Collective, a vegan food truck, was serving up vegan street corn which was corn on the cob that's charred on the grill, drizzled in a lemon crema and sprinkled with garlic and cilantro. "It's bright. It's refreshing. That was a fantastic ear of corn," Tyler said.

Corny Competition

To the shock of all the other food trucks, Sol Food Collective's Vegan Street Corn beat out their cheesy and meaty dishes to win the first round of competition. "We're here and we're vegan and we're here to win," Jacquelyn shouted with excitement.

Crash Course

After winning the first round of the competition, Sol Food Collective and the rest of the food trucks headed to the store to load up their trucks for the next round of competition, but as the rain came down, Sol's truck slammed into Rolling Indulgence, completely detaching the front of their truck.

Keep It Rolling

After doing a quick patch job and making it to the store, Sol Food Collective and Rolling Indulgence hugged it out. "This is a competition, but at the end of the day, we're all human beings," Travis said.

Frank N Leak

After filling their carts and setting up shop, Frank N Slides truck started to leak, and they couldn't get their fryer to work. They had to scrap fries from their menu and get the water under control ASAP!

Don't Get Crabby

It was day two of the competition in Myrtle Beach and Tyler had a new challenge for the food trucks. Each truck would be getting three pounds of crab meat to incorporate into a special dish. The team that sold the most of their crab dish would get immunity that week. Since they're a strictly vegan food truck, Sol Food Collective decided to focus their efforts on selling as many of their vegan dishes as they could and opted out of participating in the crab challenge. "I would be going against everything I stand for, and I wouldn't feel right taking $50,000 to spread my message when I can't even stand behind my own message," Jacquelyn said.

Surf 'n Turf Success

With a total of $600 in sales for their crab dish, The People's Fry won immunity in Myrtle Beach.

French Quarter Flavor

The winner of Myrtle Beach, with total sales of $1,759, NOLA Creations made sure The French Quarter was what everybody wanted to order.


While they were able to sell enough to keep themselves out of the bottom two, Sol Food Collective was responsible for the $200 insurance deductible on Rolling Indulgences' truck, knocking them down to the bottom two.

Maple Your Way Home

Despite the crash, Sol Food Collective was still able to inch their way to safety and Make it Maple was headed home.

Shout for Success

"To get the people over here, I've got to amp up our volume," Terrence said. "It's time for me to yell like I've never yelled before."

"Fry was far away, but oh boy does he have a mouth," Samma of Baby's Got Mac said.

"I could hear him in the truck," Clinton said.

Pick Up the Pace

One issue all the teams struggled with in Hilton Head was time management, and Tyler wasted no time letting them know it when he made his rounds to all the trucks.

"You guys have got to pick up the pace," Tyler said. "Pick up the speed and make sure these people are happy and well fed. Quickly."

So Many Swaps

"As I'm reading the tickets come in, I'm seeing sunny egg, no egg, no onion, no sauce, extra barbecue sauce," Lara of the Brunch Babes said. "My mind is starting to race. This is not something that we can be doing in this type of competition."

Chaos in the Kitchen

Over at Frank N Slides, opening too soon was bringing them down. "We're having a hard time keeping up with the tickets Kyle is giving us," Craig said. "Our prep wasn't done. I made the decision to open up early, and now it's coming back and biting us."

Hug it Out

To keep the hungry customers from boiling over while waiting in line, Malyssa came up with an idea to keep them occupied. "I'm hugging everyone in line, and I don't know any of them."

"The truck can feel like a barrier, so I feel like you're breaking that barrier," Stephanie said.

Fresh vs. Frozen

Terrence was making his voice heard far and wide, but he took his promo tour even further by heading over to the Frank N Slides truck and proclaiming that The People's Fry had the best fries in town. "They bought all the frozen fries in Myrtle Beach, they bought all the frozen fries in Hilton Head, and now they're trying to steal our business," Kyle said. "As soon as he said he had the best fry in town, I had to call him out. You can eat frozen fries at home."

Missing Sol Sister

As the teams rolled into Daytona Beach, Sol Food Collective was down a team member. "It's a little too much for me," Stephanie said.

"Going into this competition, you really don't know what to expect," Jacquelyn said. "It is a lot of hard work, and right out the gate, we got into an accident. I think that really shook her to her core."

Health Inspection

Before the teams even got selling in Daytona, they were hit with an unexpected holdup. "Random health inspections are a part of life for food trucks," Tyler said. "Today all the food trucks for inspected, and unfortunately, NOLA got dinged for a minor violation. They had a little bit of barbecue pork left over from Hilton Head tucked in the back of the cooler. I think it's gonna cost 'em"

Solo Sol Sister

Heading into day two of the competition in Daytona, Sol Food Collective was hit with another hiccup when Malyssa was rushed to the emergency room. "I'm not feeling that great," she said. "My back is hurting, and I'm getting weird, shooting pains in the front of my body. I can't breathe. I can't talk. I can barely think."

Now it was up to Jacquelyn to go it on her own in Daytona. "We had a teammate quit and now being rushed to the hospital," she said. "I'm the last man standing. Gotta keep going."

Slicing for Sol

With some time to spare, Samma from Baby Got Mac headed over to Sol Food Collective to lend a hand to Jacquelyn.

Tumbleweed Trucks

"We're standing on the beach, and there's not as many customers as we're wanting," Travis said. "We have nobody in line at all."

Going for Gold

Travis spotted a group of guys down on the beach and ran down to see if he could scrounge together a sale. As it turns out, Rolling Indulgence was about to feed the entire Arizona State gymnastics team. That's $360 added to their till.

Vegan Shrimp?

After losing a teammate and then having another rushed to the hospital, Jacquelyn was hit with another blow when Tyler called with another challenge — shrimp. "I am definitely not going to do the shrimp challenge," she said. "This could really be the end for Sol Food Collective."

Feed Your Soul

Seeing how Jacquelyn was struggling, some members of the other teams ran over to help her in the final push.

$600 Mistake

After tallying all the sales from Daytona, Baby Got Mac and Sol Food Collective were left in the bottom. That is until Tyler deducted the $600 inspection fine from NOLA's take, leaving them in the bottom and saving Baby Got Mac.

Sayonara, Sol Food Collective

Despite NOLA's fine, they were still able to edge out Sol Food Collective but just under $1 to stay in the race.