The Most Memorable Moments of the Great Food Truck Race, Season 3

Take a look back on the third season of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race, and relive the best, most shocking moments of the competition.

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Streetside Performance

During the first Speed Bump challenge of the race, Pop-A-Waffle's Scott took to the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard with his bright-yellow waffle flag. The eight trucks were parked next to one another, so he tried to increase his team's business by catching the attention of passersby with a can't-miss dance.

Pilot-Light Problems

On day two of the competition, Barbie Babes faced a near disaster as their flattop’s pilot light failed to ignite. Without the grill, the ladies would be forced to serve chilled salads instead of their signature sausages and burgers. Thanks to the handiwork of one of their customers, however, the pilot light was fixed and the team was able to cook up hot dishes in no time.

Early Exit

It wasn't easy for Under the Crust to be the first team eliminated from the race. Looking back on the competition, Hannah told us, "I think that the biggest stumbling block was that we had very little knowledge of how the day-to-day food truck business worked."

Conquering Veganism

Tyler's week-two Speed Bump forced the teams to scrap their meaty menu items in favor of vegan dishes that were completely free of animal products. Mike from Pizza Mike’s admitted that his team was unfamiliar with veganism, but lucky for them, the guys found vegan Italian sausage to use atop their pizzas.

Seventh-Inning Stretch

In Amarillo, Texas, Tyler delivered a Truck Stop challenge that sent the teams racing to a baseball stadium. The teams met on the infield and each had only 20 seconds to pump up the crowded stands with shouts of their food truck offerings that would be sold after the game.

Competitive Advertising

On day two of selling in Amarillo, several of the trucks parked next to one another, and soon Coast of Atlanta noticed that their line of customers wasn't as long as other teams'. Tawanaca took business measures into her own own hands, fashioning a makeshift sign that directed local traffic to her team's truck.

On a Roll

Thanks to growing weekend earnings and crowd-pleasing menu items like Flaming Fried Kimchi Balls, Seoul Sausage swept the competition for the first three weeks of the race. The guys earned first-place finishes in Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Ariz., and Amarillo, Texas, alike.

Truck vs. Lamp

Momma's Grizzly Grub found themselves in trouble with the law after they accidently knocked over a city lamp post in Fayetteville, Ark. Thanks to the generosity of Fayetteville's mayor, however, the ladies were responsible for paying only the $250 deductible that was owed to the insurance agency.

Nonna's Wins One

Who can forget the looks on Lisa's, Jaclyn's and Jessica's faces when Jeremy Solomon announced that they had won a Truck Stop challenge for the very first time? The team couldn't help but get emotional as they learned of their $750 prize.

Close Call

Despite a strong start to the race, Seoul Sausage faced potential elimination for the first time in week five. Ultimately their sales were enough to save them, but the team was nevertheless shaken by their near loss.

New Teammates

On day two of selling in Nashville, Tenn., Tyler announced that the lead cook from each team would spend the next few hours working with two culinary students while their teammates watched from afar. "It's the first time that I will actually have an employee rather than my kid," Angela from Momma's Grizzly Grub said of the new arrangement.

Waffles Come Close

Pop-A-Waffle found initial success in Cleveland, creating a winning bruschetta that gave them an advantage over Nonna's and Seoul Sausage. Despite their Truck Stop victory, however, the guys’ earnings didn't best their rivals', and they were sent home just one week short of the finale.

Last Two Standing

After a demanding seven-week road trip, Nonna's Kitchenette and Seoul Sausage face off in what Tyler calls "a multi-city race to the finish" to determine which team will keep their keys.