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Mac and Cheese With Bacon

Tyler makes the ultimate kid-friendly dish, macaroni and cheese with bacon.

About the Show

Fried chicken, burgers, spaghetti and meatballs – if you're going to have only one recipe for these crowd-pleasing classics, it might as well be the ultimate – Tyler's Ultimate. Between cooking in critically acclaimed restaurants, writing cookbooks and traveling the globe to feed his own insatiable appetite, Tyler Florence has experienced every conceivable approach to all of your favorite foods. Now he's drawing from the best of the best to present a visual cookbook of America's most beloved dishes.

About the Host

Tyler Florence

For the past 15 years, Chef Tyler Florence has delighted the masses by sharing the sights, sounds and flavors of his unique culinary vision with fans around the world. After graduating from the prestigious culinary program at Johnson & Wales University, Florence tackled the Big Apple where he helmed multiple acclaimed restaurants and established himself as one of New York City’s finest young stars.

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