The One Secret Bobby Flay Uses to Make Perfect Baked Salmon

Finally, the key to how to bake ultra-silky salmon is revealed.

By: Alessandra Bulow

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While many of my friends have perfected their sourdough bread technique in the past months, I’ve been focused on figuring out the best method for cooking salmon in almost every way.

It started with canned salmon. Having a surplus of canned salmon in the house and difficulty sourcing fresh salmon, I set my sights on making a childhood favorite my nonna used to make: salmon croquettes. Culinary Producer Ali Clarke’s Salmon Cakes with Salad class on the Food Network Kitchen app showed me how just a handful of pantry staples could update the comfort food.

Things eased up at local markets and I was able to regularly find fresh salmon by May – just in time to learn Amanda Freitag’s trick for how to perfectly sear salmon in her Salmon Fillets with Salsa Verde and Farro Salad class. The result was super crispy skin and lovely, tender fish. It kept me going for months, sometimes twice in one week.

As the weather began to cool recently, I started to think it was time to try something new and wanted to find out how to bake salmon perfectly without having to sear it first. In the past when I’ve baked the fish, it’s been a sort of disappointing with little flavor and lots of white fat floating in the baking dish.

Bobby Flay’s Weeknight Roasted Salmon with Potatoes class came to the rescue and finally showed me the secret to how to make perfect baked salmon using skinless fillets.

“I think salmon has amazing properties,” he says. “It has a lot of fat in it, good fat, a lot of omega-3s and the only way to really take advantage of the salmon’s fat is to let it melt slowly.”

That means that after adding a handful of ingredients and seasonings to the salmon, Bobby sets the oven to a mere 250 degrees F instead of jacking up the heat and roasts it for exactly the right amount of time.

The result: ultra-silky salmon (and no white fat in sight!) paired with Bobby's lemon-herb vinaigrette is so easy and delicious. But the best part? There’s no fishy smell in my kitchen after cooking.

Check out Bobby’s awesome salmon class and more classes on how to cook more delicious fish dishes on the Food Network Kitchen app!


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