The One Thing Michael Symon Does to Make a Perfect Creamy Omelet Every Time

It's so simple, but it makes such a big impact.

Michael Symon features The Perfect Omelet 2 Ways, as seen on Food Network Kitchen Live.

Michael Symon features The Perfect Omelet 2 Ways, as seen on Food Network Kitchen Live.

Photo by: Brian David Photography

Brian David Photography

By: Alessandra Bulow

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We are pretty obsessed with knowing how to cook perfect eggs over here at Food Network. Bobby Flay already showed us his secrets for mastering perfect scrambled eggs, perfect fried eggs and perfect poached eggs on the Food Network Kitchen app. But Michael Symon wanted in on the eggciting (sorry!) egg demos, too.

Michael gave us his best omelet-making tips in his The Perfect Omelet 2 Ways class on the Food Network Kitchen app, including the one biggest mistake to avoid when making an omelet. "The art of making an omelet to me is one of the great arts in cooking," Michael says in his class.

Michael loves omelets so much that he couldn't choose just one, and shared his best tips for how to make two different kinds of omelets instead. First up, a country-style omelet that's cooked until fluffy and perfectly golden brown. Then, a classic French omelet with fresh herbs that's ultra creamy and has no color on the outside.

Although he uses two totally different techniques to cook each omelet, there's one very important thing that he always does to prepare the eggs before they hit the pan.

"One of the keys to a good omelet is you don't want to have those strands of white in the omelet," he says.

Michael doesn't do anything halfway — his whole ethos is built upon cooking like you mean it. So, that's why he wants us to really whip our eggs super vigorously and thoroughly.

"You're getting a little bit of air in there, but the most important thing that you're doing is you're making sure that all the whites are incorporated completely into the yolks because that is what's going to give you that nice creamy omelet," he says. "I don't add water, I don't add milk, I don't add anything, just whipped eggs."

For more of his perfect omelet making tips, watch his The Perfect Omelet 2 Ways class on the Food Network Kitchen app.


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