How to Make Perfect Jasmine Rice Every Time

Jet Tila’s old-school trick is foolproof.

April 03, 2020
Jet Tila's Food Network Kitchen's How to Make Perfect Rice as seen on Food Network

Jet Tila's Food Network Kitchen's How to Make Perfect Rice as seen on Food Network

Photo by: Felicia Perretti

Felicia Perretti

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Jasmine rice has been one of my go-to favorites since I was a kid. Its floral and buttery scent is a nostalgic smell that still fills my home because I continue to make it almost daily. But despite how often I make it, cooking rice is an art I have yet to master. No matter how carefully I follow the directions, my rice inevitably ends up either too firm or a mushy mess. I’ve yet to get it just right. After years of searching for answers, I found Jet Tila’s Perfect Jasmine Rice class on the Food Network Kitchen app, and it taught me a hard-and-fast rule for cooking the best jasmine rice every time.

According to Jet, getting the water-to-rice ratio correct is key. It’s a make-or-break step that most people (myself included) get wrong. If you add too much water, the rice “explodes” and loses its smooth, round sides, and if you don’t add enough water, it will be too firm, Jet explains. So, what is the magical way of knowing how much water to add? The answer lies in your index finger. After leveling out the rice in the pot, touch it with the tip of your finger and bring the water line up to the first crease in your finger. That’s it! Jet explains that while this may sound like “hocus-pocus,” it’s a trick people have been using for thousands of years. And it works!

The best part about Jet’s method is that it doesn’t just apply to jasmine rice; it can be used for any kind of long-grain rice! As long as you follow Jet’s rule of thumb (or shall we say, finger), your rice will come out perfectly formed every time. It’s so important to get the rice right, because, as Jet says, “rice is the building block to a really great cuisine.”

So, next time you set off on a rice-cooking adventure, make sure to watch Jet’s class on the Food Network Kitchen app to learn his quick and simple tips for the perfect long-grain rice. Plus, he and a bunch of other chefs have tons of on-demand classes when you download the app and sign up today!

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