How to Form a Parchment Packet

Bring a fun meal to the table. Learn how to make individual parchment packets and find easy recipe ideas.

Illustrations by Joe McKendry

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Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Option 1: Bundled

Cooking in parchment, or, as the French call it, “en papillote,” is a fun, no-fuss way to get a healthy dinner on the table — the shrimp packets pictured above come together in less than an hour. The first option for forming a packet is the easiest. You’ll just need kitchen twine. 

Get the Recipe: Lemon-Herb Shrimp Packets

Step 1

Pile the ingredients in the center of a 16-inch sheet of parchment. Gather the edges and twist closed, leaving space inside for heat circulation. Tie with kitchen twine. 

Option 2: Pleated

If you don’t have kitchen twine, make overlapping folds along the edge to create a crescent-shaped packet. The pleated pattern in these cod packets creates an elegant presentation, perfect for a dinner party. 

Get the Recipe: Mediterranean Cod Packets

Step 1

Lay out a 16-inch sheet of parchment with a long side in front of you; pile the ingredients on one side. Fold in half to cover. 

Step 2

Starting from the bottom folded corner, begin folding the edges of the parchment together. Make small overlapping folds (like pleats) every 1 to 2 inches. 

Step 3

Continue folding and pleating all the way around to create a half-moon-shaped packet. Refold the corners to make sure they are sealed. 

Moroccan Vegetable Packets

For a meatless meal, load each packet with seasonal veggies. This recipe calls for kabocha squash, baby turnips and shiitake mushrooms. To create an ultra-flavorful broth (to steam the produce as well as cook the couscous), toast the spices before adding the vegetable juice to simmer. 

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Chicken and Chorizo Packets

Chicken can have a bad rep for being bland and dry, but these parchment packs disprove that theory. To ensure juicy, flavorful results, this recipe uses the pan drippings of the chorizo in the marinade for the chicken thighs. 

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