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Chicharron Pupusa

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  • Level: Advanced
  • Total: 1 day 3 hr 20 min (plus fermenting time)
  • Active: 2 hr 5 min
  • Yield: 4 servings
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1 pound pork fat, cut into 2-inch cubes

1 pound pork butt, cut into 2-inch cubes 

1 large onion, quartered 

4 ounces garlic cloves

3 tablespoons salt 

2 tablespoons ground cumin 

16 ounces Masa, recipe follows

6 ounces Curtido, recipe follows

3 ounces Pupusa Sauce, recipe follows


1 quart masa

2 tablespoons salt 

Curtido Sauce:

6 tablespoons salt

1 large cabbage, fine julienne 

1 quart grated carrots

1 quart apple cider vinegar 

2 large onions, pureed 

4 ounces sugar 

3 tablespoons oregano 

3 tablespoons crushed red pepper flakes

5 bay leaves 

Pupusa Sauce:

4 ounces garlic cloves

1 large onion, quartered 

2 tablespoons canola oil 

2 quarts canned tomatoes 

4 ounces sugar 

2 tablespoons oregano 

3 bay leaves 


  1. Render pork fat in a saucepan on low heat until golden brown, about 20 minutes, then remove the crispy chicharron from the pan with a slotted spoon and set aside to air dry for 24 hours.
  2. Cook pork butt in the same saucepan on medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until tender, about 20 minutes. (Note: Do not drain the fat from the saucepan since it will be a great flavor enhancer.) Add onions and scrape the pan very well with a wooden spoon to get most of the drippings. Grind chicharron, pork butt, onions and garlic together in a meat grinder. Adjust seasoning to taste with salt and cumin, then refrigerate for 6 hours.
  3. Using your hands, grab 3 ounces of Masa and mound it on one hand, making a well. Grab 3 ounces chicharron mixture and cover the well, simultaneously surrounding the chicharron mixture with the Masa until everything is covered. Use both of your palms and press gently until you achieve a uniform 1/4-inch-thick disc. Use small amounts of water as needed to assist in releasing the Masa from your hands. Once the discs are made cook them on a hot griddle, 4 minutes per side. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Top with Curtido and Pupusa Sauce.


Yield: 6 servings
  1. Combine masa, salt and enough water to incorporate the masa (up to 1 quart) in a large mixing bowl. Knead together until masa does not stick to your hands.

Curtido Sauce:

Yield: 15 servings
  1. Boil 3 quarts water in a large saucepan and add 3 tablespoons salt. Add cabbage and let cook 30 seconds, then immediately pull it out and set aside. Reserve 1 quart cooking water.
  2. Add cabbage to a large mixing bowl, then add carrots, vinegar, onions, sugar, oregano, pepper flakes, bay leaves, remaining 3 tablespoons salt and reserved cooking water and mix together. Transfer to a 6-quart container and let sit in a dry and cool place for 5 days. Note: Curtido needs to be submerged in liquid, so place a plate over the top if necessary.

Pupusa Sauce:

Yield: 15 servings
  1. Saute garlic and onions in oil in a saucepan, then immediately add tomatoes, sugar, oregano, bay leaves and 1 quart water. Cook at low heat for 45 minutes, then let cool down. Remove bay leaves and blend.