Types of Bacon

From turkey bacon to Canadian bacon, this star ingredient has quite a few cousins.

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The Different Types of Bacon

Find your favorite cut of bacon, be it smoked, turkey, slab, Canadian or pancetta.

Smoked Bacon    

Smoke your own bacon on the grill, or buy smoked bacon in the supermarket to give your usual slice a bit of added flavor.

Turkey Bacon        

Often lower in fat than traditional pork cuts, this bacon alternative is made from turkey. Some brands, however, can be higher in sodium, so read labels carefully.

Slab Bacon   

Since this bacon from the butcher counter comes not yet sliced, buy what you need and cut it to the size you'd like.

Canadian Bacon

This smoked and fully cooked pork loin tastes more like ham than a typical bacon. It's ready to eat right out of the package.


This Italian cured pork belly is not smoked like American bacon. You can buy it in sliced spirals or diced.

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