Chopped Canada Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of the new Food Network series, Chopped Canada.

Introducing Chopped Canada

For the premiere episode, the judges include Vikram Vij, Anne Yarymowich and Michael Smith. The Chopping Block will be fierce.

Homegrown Host

Dean McDermott, winner of the second season of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, will host this Canadian version of Chopped. Dean himself is Canadian.

The Cooking Stations

These gleaming stainless steel stations will serve as cooking central for the chefs. With limited space, the contestants must make the best use of what they're provided with.

The Baskets of Mystery Ingredients

The chefs will face three timed rounds in the cooking competition. Each chef will be provided with a basket containing four mystery ingredients that he or she must creatively incorporate into dishes.

The Pantry

Also available to the chefs are the pantry and refrigerators, which have been stocked with many ingredients that they might need to round out their meal concepts.

The Judges' Table

Ominous and intimidating, the judges' table also serves as the Chopping Block, where chefs are sent home for dishes that don't live up to the judges' standards.

Facing Judgment

The chefs are introduced to their judging panel after they've completed the cooking in Round 1. One of the four contestants will face the Chopping Block after the tasting.

The Final Call

The judges must come to a consensus and decide who will be chopped before the chefs return.

The Chopping Block

The decision has been made: The chef going home must face his or her fate at the Chopping Block.

The Chopped Canada Champion

Only one chef can win the title of Chopped Canada Champion and leave with the $10,000 cash prize. Watch on Thursdays at 9pm/8c, starting Jan. 9.

Chopped Canada

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