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Chopped Grill Masters, Season 2: A Look Inside the Pantry

The competitors on Chopped Grill Masters have access to a special pantry, and unlike the one in the Chopped kitchen, this one is outside.
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Chopped on the Farm

For the new season of Grill Masters, production took the show to greener pastures, Queens County Farm on Long Island, N.Y. Here the Chopped set was re-created, including the pantry, a feature no chef could compete without. But instead of the usual racks, shelves and refrigerators, here things are a bit more mobile.

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Cooking in the Great Outdoors

Being that it's a grilling tournament, each competitor is provided with a charcoal grill, gas grill and smoker. All the foodstuffs and equipment they would ever need are stacked up in three vintage pickup trucks.

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Pantry Pickup

The yellow pickup contains most of the fresh foods and pantry staples, such as various oils, stocks and broths, vegetables, cheeses and more.

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Just Chilling

On the back of the truck, one of the galvanized bins contains meats and dairy: cream cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, bacon, sausages, eggs, milk and cream, to name a few.

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