Season 7, Episode 2

Candy Catastrophe

Robert visits the world's largest candy store, Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City. Robert has only 8 hours to prepare a party for 250 people - and he must use candy in every dish. While the challenge may sound sweet, it had a very bitter ending as Robert ultimately failed this mission. When storeowner, Dylan Lauren, delivered the mission, Robert instantly knew he was in trouble. Mixing a wild array of candy concoctions with the savory flavors of upscale cocktail cuisine is a daunting assignment. The concept of mixing sweet and savory in every dish literally stopped Robert in his tracks. Wandering round and round the store, scanning over 5000 types of candy, Robert used up valuable time without coming up with a menu plan. He was left with only one option: head to the store and attempt to shop and menu plan at the same time. The result was a haphazard gathering of ingredients and an emergency menu planning right at the check-out line. Even after food was bought and a menu made, the mission was still in trouble. Dealing with missing ingredients, sub-par equipment and food combinations that just wouldn't work, Robert fell further and further behind. When it was time for service, Robert had to face the crowd and admit he failed to complete the mission on time.
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