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Duff Goldman and his team of decorators, designers and builders work around the clock to make epic, show-stopping cakes for milestone events and parties for their social media followers. The team is then challenged with delivering these extra-special creations to a variety of venues and locations both on time and intact.
Season 1, Episode 1

Baked, Sealed and Delivered

Duff Goldman and his team blow it out of the water with a wet-and-wild birthday cake for the Aquarium of the Pacific's one-year-old seal pup. Meanwhile, the pressure is on to make a flock of 21 bird-themed cakes for a deserving group of kids at the ultimate surprise birthday party.

May 13
8am | 7c
Season 2, Episode 3

A Dino-Mite Bake!

Duff Goldman teams up with the nonprofit Magic Wheelchair to create a prehistoric Jurassic World-themed cake, complete with oozing lava and smoke, for two deserving kids and their families at Universal Studios.

May 13
8:30am | 7:30c
Season 2, Episode 4

May the Cake Be With You

The force is strong as Duff Goldman and his decorators engineer a robot cake for a Star Wars-themed robotics competition. Meanwhile, the grill heats up at the bakery to prepare a sweet treat for a BBQ battle between the LA Fire and Police Departments.

May 13
9am | 8c
Season 1, Episode 3

The Muppets Take Chinatown

Duff Goldman creates a storybook cake featuring his favorite Muppets characters for an inspiring group of students. Then the countdown is on for an explosive cake delivery to celebrate a longtime volunteer at Chinatown's Firecracker Festival.

May 13
9:30am | 8:30c