Season 3, Episode 13

Flying Knives

America’s top Teppanyaki chefs have come to Hawaii to slice and dice their way through two rounds of competition. The speed round is a blur of steel, fire and steam as the competitors cook a surf and turf dinner in the time it usually takes to order a meal. In the signature round anything goes as the competitors attempt to entertain a tough panel of judges using everything from magic to juggling, all while creating a mind-blowing meal. Be careful. This show is dangerous!


Kevin Matsuda
Kevin Matsuda
Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort’s Musashi Restaurant
Mililani, Hawaii

Kalae Tanaka
Kalae Tanaka
Teppanyaki Chef – Sheraton Maui
Wailuku, Hawaii

Nick Narimatsu
Nick Narimatsu
Teppanyaki Chef at Tanaka of Tokyo
Honolulu, Hawaii

Lam Ha
Executive Teppanyaki Chef – Ichiban Restaurant
Minneapolis, Minn.

Cavin Ross
Head Chef/Bartender – Fire & Ice
South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Tony Nemoto
Benihana Regional Chef

Peter Tanhnavong
Owner/Chef – Pacific Wave Restaurant
St. Petersburg, Fla.

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Recipes From This Episode

Cajun Crusted Ahi in Sake-to-Me Shoyu Sauce

Challenge: Sugar Skyscrapers
Fantasy Fruit Sculptures


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