Season 1, Episode 11

Guinness Diet

Guinness, the great brew of Ireland, is often touted as a 'meal in a glass.' But how true is it? Thick, dark, and loaded with iron, vitamins and anti-oxidants, as well as surprisingly low in alcohol, calories and carbs, Guinness has long been associated with health. Pregnant women and nursing mothers were at one point advised to drink it – and still, in Ireland, blood donors and post-operative patients are given a pint to help them recover. Bob will travel to Dublin, the birthplace of Guinness, to explore the urban myth of "The Guinness Diet" – the notion that man can survive and thrive on nothing but Guinness. Bob’s challenge is to live on Guinness alone for 5 full days – while his Irish pal, Fiachna O’Braonain of the Hot House Flowers band, cheer him on and tempt him with the best regional fare Ireland has to offer. His reward: He will actually lose weight, while enjoying the greatest pub-crawl of his life.
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