Guy's Grocery Games: Supermarket Masters — Meet the Competitors

These 16 chefs have returned to Triple G to prove they can master the market once again. There's up to $35,000 on the line, so it's only the best of the best in this competition.

Part 1: Darnell Ferguson — Louisville, Kentucky

After winning a special budget-themed episode, Darnell's ready to have free rein of the market. He is the executive chef and owner of three SuperChef restaurants. Darnell originally attended a vocational high school, before being recruited to culinary school. After graduating he served as a chef for Team USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which he feels greatly broadened his world.

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Part 1: Jordan Ceresnie — Farmington, Michigan

Last time Jordan appeared on Triple G, he was strictly a pastry chef, but since then he's opened his own food truck, Cheese Street, with the help of his brothers; the truck offers both sweet and savory dishes with a focus on grilled cheese. With a degree in organic farming, Jordan focuses on using the freshest seasonal ingredients. He characterizes his cooking style as comfort food with a gourmet twist.

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Part 1: Samantha Mitchell — St. Louis

Previously Samantha came very close to going up against Robert Irvine in the Impossible finale, but she lost to Stephen. Now she's back with a vengeance. Samantha is the chef and owner of Farmtruk, a local farm-to-table food truck where the menu changes weekly. She does most of her business at farmers markets, but she also attends festivals and caters weddings. Samantha is currently working on opening a food-delivery program.

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Part 1: Samuel Monsour — Los Angeles

Sammy was among the first chefs in the show's history to win all $20,000 in the shopping spree — and he spent it all on a vintage car! Sammy grew up in his parents' restaurants and eventually attended the Culinary Institute of America. He is the executive chef at Preux and Proper, which features both a formal dining room and an informal barroom. Sammy loves cooking soul food so much that he's even got knuckle tattoos to prove it.

Previous Episode: Feisty Fiesta

Part 2: AJ Fusco — Harrison, New York

As a firefighter chef, AJ wants to show other firefighters how to live and eat healthier. He's currently enrolled in culinary school and considers his cooking style rustic, hearty and healthy. With the $20,000 he won on the show previously, he started his own grant for a charity that aims to improve firefighters' health and well-being.

Previous Episode: Salute to Firefighters

Part 2: Glenn "Gator" Thompson — Petaluma, California

Gator previously won a special grandparents' episode, but this time he's hoping to give the young chefs a run for their money. Since his last appearance, he launched Gator's Rustic Burger, a food truck specializing in all-organic, grass-fed beef patties on homemade buns. He's been cooking Southern dishes since he was young, but he specifically concentrates on making Southern food healthy and is currently working on a cookbook.

Previous Episode: Grandma and Grandpa

Part 2: Lewis Leiterman — Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

Lewis is the essential Triple G superfan, having watched every episode before his previous appearance on the show. Since winning, he's become the head chef at a high-end grocery store, where he runs upscale operations. Lewis first began cooking at the age of 15 to help support his family. Lewis hopes to win and plans to use the money for himself and to thank his mom.

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Part 2: Lisa Kagen — Cincinnati

While attending college in Savannah, Georgia, and waiting tables to make some extra money, Lisa decided to take a break and went back home to Cincinnati. She eventually decided to open her own restaurant, Melt Eclectic Cafe. She now also runs Picnic and Pantry, a small grocery store. Lisa combines her love for art and her Southern influences in her cooking.

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Part 3: John Conley — Flagstaff, Arizona

After winning $16,000 on his last Triple G appearance, John got his community to match his winnings, and he donated it all to the Special Olympics of Flagstaff. John is the chef and owner of restaurants Fat Olives, Salsa Brava and Green Onions; he is currently opening Blue Sage Cafe. He also donates his time to Messlords, a group of chefs who've been to over 15 countries to cook for American troops. John's cookbook for kids is set to release soon.

Previous Episode: Serving Up Summer!

Part 3: Kate Neumann — Columbus, Ohio

After winning Triple G's Rising Stars episode, Kate used the money to pay for culinary school. This time around she'll be going up against chefs twice her age. Kate comes from a large family and learned to cook from her mom. By 8 years old, Kate was cooking the family dinners. She was home-schooled and started a cake business at 14. Kate still bakes cakes for weddings and events.

Previous Episode: Rising Stars

Part 3: Michael Marina — New Orleans

Before coming on Triple G, Michael was contemplating giving up his culinary career, but after winning $16,000 in a spice-themed episode, he was reinvigorated and realized this is exactly what he needs to be doing in his life. Michael is a private chef who caters mostly intimidate dinners. He continually studies the history of New Orleans cooking, and he also teaches cooking classes for kids.

Previous Episode: Spice Masters

Part 3: Tracey Shepos — Santa Rosa, California

Tracey competed on the show's first cheese-themed episode and left with $18,000. She is the chef at La Crema Winery and is a certified cheese maker, as well as an expert in pairing cheese with wine. She incorporates cheese into almost all of the dishes she cooks. This time around she's excited to be cooking in the broader spectrum outside of cheese.

Previous Episode: Cheesy Special

Part 4: Mark Mishalanie — Durham, North Carolina

Mark recently moved from California to North Carolina, and he's now the executive chef at Alivia's Bistro. Last time he was on the show, he competed in the Perfect Strangers episode paired with Stacie. He put his $10,000 winning toward cancer treatment for his daughter, who is now in remission. Mark's cooking is inspired by his Lebanese background and the melting pot of California.

Previous Episode: Perfect Strangers

Part 4: Myisha Lamar — Seattle

After being part of the catering crew for her mom's wedding, Myisha realized she wanted to become a chef. She went on to culinary school, interned in Europe and came back to Seattle before settling down. She currently does work as a private chef but one day hopes to have a restaurant on the beachfront in Curacao — winning Triple G again could help make that happen. Cooking on a budget is just one of many skills, so Myisha is primed for the games.

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Part 4: Stacie Vande Wetering — Pascagoula, Mississippi

Stacie was paired with Mark on her last appearance on Guy's Grocery Games. The two strangers split their $20,000 win, so Stacie's now back for more money and a chance to compete on her own. She is the executive chef at Singing River Yacht Club, with a menu that focuses on local and seasonal cuisine. Stacie would describe her cooking style as global Southern.

Previous Episode: Perfect Strangers

Part 4: Tom Ramsey — Jackson, Mississippi

Tom left the world of investment banking to become a self-taught chef, first working for minimum wage, then eventually rising to executive chef. After closing his restaurant of two years, he's now consulting and running his own company, Stäge, doing pop-ups all over the country by pairing with local chefs to create menus tailored to the region. He's cooked at the James Beard Foundation four times.

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