Season 5, Episode 7

Cora vs. Dumont

Chef Mary Dumont enters Kitchen Stadium to challenge Iron Chef Cora to a culinary showdown. Can Chef Dumont impress the judges with her cuisine, or will Iron Chef Cora triumph?

Originally from New Hampshire, Dumont is the first Iron Chef challenger from the state. She is now executive chef at Harvest in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass.

Ted Allen
Dana Cowin
Julie White

Challenger stats: Chef Dumont
Restaurants: Harvest in Harvard Square

Cuisine: Contemporary New England

Interests: Surfing and anything on the beach, big dinners with friends and family, collecting sauce spoons

Ideal secret ingredient: Fennel and smoked bacon

Culinary inspirations: Laurent Manrique, Alain Ducasse, Paula Wolfert and mostly, my family who is all in the restaurant business and taught me that I could do anything I put my heart into

Ideal judge: James Haller from the Blue Stawbery

Culinary secret weapon: Desire, belief, practice and sharp Misono knives

Favorite restaurant: Oliveto in Oakland, Calif.

Favorite food: Thai and sushi

Food you won't go near: Brains...they should stay in your head!

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Live uni out of the shell at Rungis Market in Paris at 4 am

Favorite food destination: Lunch among the grapes in Sonoma County with friends and German street food

Alternative dream job: Surfing photographer and traveling writer












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