Season 5, Episode 2

Flay vs. Ford

Chef Ben Ford, owner of Ford's Filling Station, comes to Kitchen Stadium to challenge Iron Chef Flay. Will Ford's finesse win over the judges, or will Iron Chef Flay's flare burn the competition?

Cady Huffman
Andrew Knowlton
Jeffrey Steingarten

Challenger stats: Chef Ford
From: Los Angeles

Restaurants: Ford's Filling Station

Cuisine: Traditionally, it has been Iberian mixed with the influences of my home state of Calif. Ford's Filling Station is American Regional with some French feathered in.

Interests: Forging for almost anything is always good. But I love a fresh idea, architecture, design, golf, fine art and wine and good love.

Ideal secret ingredient: Bacon

Culinary inspirations: Paul Bertolli, Bradley Ogden, Paula Wolfert and the many people I have had the pleasure of working with.

Ideal judge: Jim Harrison, Meatloaf

Culinary secret weapon: My many types of vinegar.

Favorite restaurant: Azak in San Sebastian Spain, Babbo in N.Y. and The Joe Dirfuss Store in a swamp somewhere between Shreveport and New Orleans.

Favorite food: A great steak cooked over a good wood fire.

Food you won't go near: Raspberry vinegar

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: A tie between a hot sauce made with termites produced by the Pimones Indians in Venezuela. Also, smoked scorpion.

Favorite food destination: San Sebastian, Spain and Japan

Alternative dream job: Architect

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