About the Show

Pastry chef extraordinaire Jacques Torres indulges his passion for dessert by exploring the wide world of sweets. Jacques journeys through the United States and Europe to meet and learn the secrets of the finest artisanal pastry and candy makers in the world. Then, back in his own kitchen, Jacques shares how he creates his signature sweets- which range from traditional to wildly over-the-top creations. Join Jacques and indulge your passion for dessert.

Candy Canes

Pumpkin Pie in Squash Cups

Bread Pudding

Cranberry Creme Caramel

Sugar Corn Centerpiece

Raisin Punch

Pulled Sugar Lollipops

Peanut Brittle

Classic Genoise

Chocolate Decorations

Magic Flowers

Cloud Puffs

Almond Paste

Candy Ribbon

Celebration Centerpiece


Hydrated Raisins

Chocolate Lollipop Stand

Marzipan Figures

Dough Basket


Jacques' Homemade Cotton Candy

Marzipan Dove Wagashi

Floral Sugar Squares

Wagashi Chocolate Sculpture

Warm Apricot Tart