About the show

Katie Pix creates eye-popping and delicious dishes by combining the most exciting food trends on the internet with the tricks she learned growing up in a family of chefs. Cooking and baking have never been so much fun as Katie shares how to make simple recipes that look as good as they taste.
Season 1, Episode 0

Picture-Perfect Dinner Party

Katie Pix uses her clever bag of tricks to throw a picture-perfect dinner party. She brings color and creativity to the table with Blistered Grape and Goat Cheese Bruschetta, Rainbow Shepherd's Pie and Color Crunch Salad. For dessert, she serves Ice Cream Sundaes in Fruity Marshmallow Cereal Bowls and offers an array of naughty and delicious toppings like Candied Cinnamon Bacon, Maraschino Cherry Whipped Cream and Cheater Salted Caramel Sauce.

Oct 6
12pm | 11c