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Where's the best hot dog in Chicago? What restaurants have the most decadent desserts? Jill Cordes and Marc Silverstein find the answers as they trek across the nation in search of the best food, restaurants and trends in America. In each episode, they visit restaurants in five states and interview people who are making their marks in the culinary world.

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Mango Mambo

Sauteed Quail in Door Country Cherry Sauce

Veal Baci

Voodoo Empress

Roasted Christmas Goose


Dorothy Zehnder's Apple Kuchen

Santa Claus Gingerbread

Vanderbilt Traditional Christmas Duck

Peppermint Patty

Rum Swizzle

Tortilla Crusted Salmon with Fire Roasted Corn Salsa

Molasses Seared Elk Loin

Stuffed Boneless Quail with Wild Rice, Sage and Apples

World Famous Mama Maria's Bootlegger Pizza

Tangy Green Guacamole

Bizcochos De Moron (Cinnamon Cookies)

Barbeque Spiced Grilled T-Bone Steak


Plum Dipping Sauce for Shrimp

Soy Glazed Tuna, Wasabi Mashed Potato, Sake Carrot Ginger Sauce