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Where's the best hot dog in Chicago? What restaurants have the most decadent desserts? Jill Cordes and Marc Silverstein find the answers as they trek across the nation in search of the best food, restaurants and trends in America. In each episode, they visit restaurants in five states and interview people who are making their marks in the culinary world.

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Cured Duck Salad

Pasta Frittata


Mississippi Catfish and Hushpuppies

Costolette Alla Milanse with Melanzone Fritti

Crawfish Pie

Crab Fingers Rickey Jackson

Cherry Pie

Louisiana Crawfish Cakes

Herb-grilled Spiny Pacific Lobster

Alder Grilled Fresh Alaskan King Salmon with a Light Juniper and Sage Marinade

Molasses Seared Elk Loin

Morels in Puff Pastry with Cream: Feuilletes de Morilles a la Creme

Tonga Mai Tai

Grand Central Oyster Bar Oyster Panroast

Indian Fry Bread

Stuffed Boneless Quail with Wild Rice, Sage and Apples

World Famous Mama Maria's Bootlegger Pizza

Tangy Green Guacamole

New England Pot Roast and Gravy

Ginger Creme Brulee

Vanilla Roasted Black Plums with Toasted Lemon Cake and Ginger Ice Cream

Brazos River Catfish Stew

Sauteed Pineapples in Dark Puerto Rican Rum andCoconut Flambe Sauce on Vanilla Ice Cream

"Kitchen Sink" Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Crab Big Ravioli

Reign Smothered Pork Chops