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Where's the best hot dog in Chicago? What restaurants have the most decadent desserts? Jill Cordes and Marc Silverstein find the answers as they trek across the nation in search of the best food, restaurants and trends in America. In each episode, they visit restaurants in five states and interview people who are making their marks in the culinary world.

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Raspberry Orange Pineapple Fruit Fusion

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B-Line Diner Chicken Potpie

Almond Biscotti: Quaresimale

Finale Cheesecake

German Egg Noodles: Spaetzle

Shrimp Abaco

Coconut Shrimp

Szechuan Alligator in a Crispy Noodle Nest with Lemon Ginger Dressing and Shiitakes

Stuffed Flounder

Chicken Italiano

Poached Fillet of Trout