The Best Creations from The Big Bake

Take a look back at the biggest and boldest cake creations from this season.

Challenge: Winter Wonderland

This week, the competing teams were challenged to craft winter wonderland cakes for the judges. The intricate decoration on Team 3, 2, 1 Bake's Queen Of The North cake left Nancy Fuller speechless. "You have created the epitome of a wonderland," she said.

Challenge: Santa on Cake-cation

This week the bakers were challenged to create cakes that depict Santa on his dream vacation. Team Youngblood took Santa to a secret garden spa vacation and made a green matcha almond orange blossom cake with a blackberry buttercream. The judges thought the design was "majestic."

Challenge: Santa on Cake-cation

Team Cake Stars made a vanilla pound cake with salted caramel.

Challenge: Frosty Friends

This week the bakers were challenged to create wintry landscape cakes featuring creatures that love to play in the ice and snow. Team Sweet Wheat's s’mores-inspired cake featured a graham cracker sponge with fluffy marshmallow filling topped with a dark chocolate ganache. Duff was "super impressed" with the cake's whimsical design.

Challenge: Monster Cakes

With only five hours on the clock, the baking teams were challenged to create their most-sensational monster cakes. Team Cake Power's Land Monster Surf & Turf Smackdown cake featured spiced Mexican hot chocolate flavors. Eddie "loved this cake," commenting that he couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Challenge: Witch Cakes

The baking teams cast a culinary spell this week by creating cakes inspired by Halloween's witchy first lady. Team Cake Force's Bubble Bubble Cauldron Trouble apple cider doughnut cake was filled with chocolate buttercream, caramel crunch and pretzels. Eddie loved the whimsical facial expression the bakers were able to capture on the young witch's face.

Challenge: Trick or Treat

This week, the baking teams were challenged to take the trick-or-treat theme to daring new heights with their Halloween cakes. Team Just Cakes created an epic Haunted Mansion cardamom cake with white chocolate chai ganache. The judges thought the team's design was "scary and attractive at the same time."

Challenge: Trick or Treat

Team Taste Buds made a whimsical Monsters' Night Out chocolate cake soaked in a whiskey simple syrup with pumpkin cheesecake filling.

Challenge: Jack-o'-Lantern Cakes

With Halloween just around the corner, the baking teams were challenged to work all the angles as they carve topsy-turvy jack-o'-lantern cakes. Team Pastry Punks created a Pumpkins Of The Crypt caramel mud cake filled with stewed apples and candied pecans. Eddie "loved so many things about [the] cake," especially its eerie design.